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Pillar Rocks Viewpoint

Anil Kumar
Pillar Rocks is a set of three giant rock pillars which stand 400 feet high from the ground. The rocks stand majestically and offer wonderful views amidst thick vegetation and cloudy mountains. The view is awesome from here and also misty most of the time. small and beautifully garden, glowing in the colors of the seasonal blooms adds to the charm and the picture perfect beauty of the place.
Soul & Fuel
Footloose Backpackers
Following Guna Caves, we went to the Pillar Viewpoint that has three large boulders right in the front. Often these boulders are covered in white of the clouds but if you are lucky enough, you can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.Green Valley Viewpoint is a similar viewpoint that overlooks the valleys. There is nothing great about this viewpoint. You can opt for this if you go during offseason and the rush is less.
Sushma Neeraj
A little outside the main Kodai town, Pillar’s Rock should be on your itinerary if you like trekking and a bit of adventure. Three giant rock pillars stand out of the mountain, and the space between the two of them, called Devil’s Kitchen, is a fine spot for photos. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a clear view from a distance, to take epic photos. And if you’re luckier, there will be a bit of mist surrounding the area to give you a magical view of the mountains — just like the Chinese Floating Mountains at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. See, no need to spend oodles of money to travel to the Orient.
Jagan Nadar
Day 13 kodaikanalThere was not much to ride. As we were to explore kodaikanal only. Our hotel was close to the famous tourist point of kodaikanal that is the lake. Smooth road is constructed around the circumference of the lake. One can ride a horse or rent a bicycle to ride around it. But rode by our bikes and then went to a byrant park which is a garden with some good flowers in it. Ideally good for family. After which we went for some souvenir shopping. And searched for a 500yr old tree but we couldn’t locate it. Then we proceeded towards the pillar rock which is another main tourist place. We had some munchings here and went in. But the whole place was covered by fog. I was eager to see this place. So we sat there for 2hrs but the fog didn’t seem to go. So we rode ahead to our next point guna caves. There were so many monkeys there . We brought a ice cream , the ice cream seller said there monkeys eat ice cream. So i called one of the monkey and offered the ice cream. It took it politely. We had to walk for some distance,we could spot several root on the ground but the caves which was under the ground where closed with metal grills and tourist were not allowed because of some incidents happened earlier. From there we went to pine forest and clicked few pics there. We skipped few places. Finally by evening we had snacks and by now we had seen almost everything except the pillar rock due to fog which we decided will see tomorrow before leaving, and we left for the hotel for some rest.