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Belum Caves

Aneesha Bothra
Belum caves - Day 2 - We got up by sunrise and witnessed another awe-inspiring view of the Pennar River and the gorge that's around it and went about to check the ruins of a temple near that place . Then decided to freshen up and have a nice breakfast before we head to the Belum caves , we went to Haritha resort , they have facilities for the travellers to take bath etc , just a bit too crowded . After the breakfast and freshening up we started off for the Belum caves which opens only around 10 a.m , so do plan accordingly its about 60kms from Gandikota would take you a little more than an hour to get there . There is a lovely Buddha statue there do check that out as well . But the caves that have the stalactite and stalagmite formations  , they haven't been maintained properly and it is also very humid in the caves , the caves were hence a so-so experience . After that we decided to head back to Bangalore and have lunch on the way , we halted for lunch in a different restaurant called spice touch in Ananthpur , the food was good after that was a non-stop drive to bangalore .The place and the view out there is definitely worth it and so is the drive make sure you go there when the weather is good . Also it's great place for photography .
Sreya Mantena
Belum caves are good for one time visit, I felt. There is enough lighting inside, though the oxygen levels are little low if you go too further. It is a good place for photographers ! I personally liked the huge Buddha statue near the entrance.We thought of skipping Yaganti and heading to Mantralaya, but someone at Belum caves suggested not to miss Yaganti. Thanks to him ! Yaganti is one of the best places we visited.
Shilpa Shenoy
ShAyak MuKherjee
Day 2: It was quiet a bright day, and the sun was beaming over me. After finishing my breakfast, I started for Belum Caves. I have read that it is Asia's 2nd largest under-ground caves after the Krem Liat Prah caves in Meghalaya. The Cave reaches its deepest point 151 ft from the entrance point.I drove 60 kms from Jammalamadugu to reach my destination. Till then the weather has settled down for good, There were clouds everywhere, making it an ideal time to drive.The entry fees to the cave is 65 Rs for adults. The notice board will mention that the guide services are free inside. But that were only meant to be written there.
Sagar Pradhan
Day 2 began with a great breakfast which included - Dosa, Idli, Pongal, Tea (Hell of an appetite for breakfast if you ask me :P ) We had booked a Toyota Innova to take us around to the - Mylavaram Dam and Belum CavesAfter commencing our journey at 9 AM, it took us approximately half an hour to reach the Mylavaram Dam. The exciting thing about the place is that vehicles are allowed to cross over the dam. The side walls of the road over the dam is broken at places and leaves your heart in mouth. The road is just enough to allow one vehicle to pass through and at places you can see the vertical drop right besides the end of vehicle tires.The dam along with its overhead road (and the broken wall patches) visible
Ananiah Blessing
The bus took me to a small place called Kolimigundla from where Belum Caves is another 10 km. I took a shared auto-rickshaw which dropped me at the entrance of Belum Caves.Walking a bit past the main entrance gate, there's this huge buddha statue on the right. It is said that these caves were occupied by monks centuries ago. I got to know from the locals that some of the artifacts from those times are now preserved and displayed in the Ananthapur museum (that wasn't my place of interest today anyway).
Panchami Bekal
Belum cave is the second longest cave system in India and is situated in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. It has a length of 3229M. The deepest point, 120M from the entrance is situated at the Patalaganga. The caves are known for their unique formations such as stalactite and stalagmite formations.Timings: 10 AM – 5 PMEntrance fees: INR 50 for Indians and INR 300 for foreign nationals.It is impossible to reach the caves without the GPS. There were times when we were not sure whether or not to trust the GPS, as there were mud roads and herds of goats grazing ( typical village surroundings) But we followed it anyway and were greeted by the sign “Belum Caves” inscribed on the hill.
Anirudh Madiq
There is a white color statue of Buddha at the entrance which can be seen from a distance. The parking is very large and best part is that there is a petrol pump just opposite to the entrance. This is second largest cave system in India. Belum gets its name from the Sanskrit word 'Bilum' which means 'cave'.
Sambhav Poddar
Chiraag Kashyap
Natural Heaven. Awesome adventure