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We took a halt at the Kalpeni Island to sail further for Kavaratti. Kalpeni doesn't have a ship dock for the bigger ship like ours, so the ship stops at some distance and few boats come to pick you up for the Island.Kalpeni Island is a very small island of around 25km square area. The island majorly depends on fishing and coconut farming for the economy.Till the time of leaving for Kavaratti, we chilled at the beach pool with some coconut water.And by the noon we left for Kavaratti.
Debarghyo Sengupta
We reached the island on a speed boat and was taken to the western side of the island where we spent the entire day. We went for SCUBA diving to the north of the island. We were given instructions by PADI an international reputed organization and were asked to practice on shallow waters before they could take us into the sea. It is quite an easy thing to do if you have at least taken a dip in a swimming pool. Then they take you to a slightly deeper portion of the sea and then you are asked to enter the sea. Once you enter the sea it is really a different world. It is so different and so calm that you feel disconnected from the world we live in. Everything seems to have paused and you dive deeper till you reach the corals and the beautiful and colourful fishes all around you. You will be amazed to see such bright colours and variants. The scuba divers will bring some fish food which they will place on your hand and you will find swarms of fishes coming in and trying to nib the food from your palm. It is kinda ticklish yet wonderful. They take a picture of yours and a small video and then your dive ends. You are brought back to your boat and asked to get up. I found this the most difficult part of the dive as you feel very heavy after the dive which I am not sure maybe because of the buoyancy your body was experiencing for the past few minutes. I came back to our site and tried snorkeling as well which did not interest me as much once I had done the SCUBA. We saw a dance performance by the locals in the evening and then returned to our ship by sunset.
megha goyal
Kalpeni, with its three satellite islands, is a beautiful island with its small mosques and architectural wonders. Huge fishing nets casted in the sea add a kind of warmth to the place. The whole ambiance here, especially around dusk is such that you can’t help falling in love. One can can swim, snorkel or reef-walk in the vast lagoon and indulge in water sports on kayaks, sailboats and pedal boats.
Krupa Shah
2- Kalpeni has the largest lagoon among Lakshadweep islands. The lagoon is relatively shallow and ideal for all kinds of water sports. Kalpeni with the small islets Tilakkam, Pitti and the uninhabited Cheriyam with sparkling lagoon in between them are known for its scenic beauty. Koomel, the gently curving bay offers tourists facilities like bath huts, change rooms etc. You can swim, or engage yourself in water sports. Kayaks, SailBoats, Pedal Boats are available on hire. Included in package- Coral reef
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Over night ,our ship sailed towards Kalpenni. The place that we visited each day made me feel that 'this is the best place ever' .I still don't know which place is more beautiful but all I know is Kalpenni too is portrayed by the best artist.The most amazing thing I felt there was tides resketching the frame.We visited a shore once we reached Kalpenni. After doing our snorkeling while we were returning to the ship,the shore wasn't as same as before,it was all covered with water.Since my hubby wanted to do scuba for long time,I got an additional privilege of doing my snorkeling in the scuba area.As part of the package snorkeling was free for us within Kalpenni. There you can see sea turtles ,corals and many other amazing sea life. The next part of the agenda was to visit the coconut factory which will remind us the cottage industries in our state. After our hectic day we came back to the ship.I guess these kind of journey will help you to make more friends since you won't be interrupted by calls,Facebook,Twitter and so on. BSNL is the only dependable mobile network available these islands. All these days my hubby and me made the visits to ship deck as a daily routine.All those days we hope for seeing the sunrise from the deck,but our laziness and tiredness was more than our desire hence we could be only satisfied with the morning sky.