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Wriddhi Bagchi
With no exception, my day started even before the alarm triggered at 5:30 am. The ship was already floating near an island, the sun was yet to rise, and the lighthouse light from the island was prominently visible. After a tour of the upper deck and getting fresh, I headed to the back deck to see the sunrise. On the last day, the sky was a little cloudy during sunrise but this day it was completely clear and was able to see the sun popping up from the ocean horizon. I was watching the sunrise from the sea while floating on the sea, nice to think about that it, isn't it!
Wriddhi Bagchi
It is a very amazing feeling when you are on a deck of a ship at night with the sky above filled with thousands and thousands of stars and the mighty ocean at the bottom, with no land probably in hundreds of kilometers in any direction and no other light around. You feel small, you feel helpless, but you feel enlightened, wise and lucky. All your life's problems accumulated doesn't stand anywhere in front of this. The waves created by the ship shows fluorescent white color in the moonlight, and it hits back the ship and smashes on its body. The more you concentrate on the sky, the number of stars you can see. Eventually, the sky looks to you as a black velvet paper losing its color and becoming partially white in multiple places.On the island
Wriddhi Bagchi
Kalpeni island was part of our 5 days/4 nights Lakshadweep trip by ship. We were spending the whole daytime at the island and were coming back to ship by evening and travel to the next island by this ship during night time.
Bhavana Chandaka
Kalpeni:(island of corels) after my first day I was very excited for day2 as I had places for scuba diving and the complimentary water sports was snorkeling.Both of which I love. As soon as we reached the island I could notice it to be more rock than Kavaratti beach.But u could just walk in the clear sea water for a km or more.The water was Soo clear you could see the sea bed.Soon we were taken for scuba to a Corel reef and it was an experience which I can Neva forget. Colourful fishes and corels all around.After dat I was pretty sure dat was it. Nothing else can impress me more but snorkeling did.Last but not the least there was a performance by the locals. 🤩
Tropical Owl
We took a halt at the Kalpeni Island to sail further for Kavaratti. Kalpeni doesn't have a ship dock for the bigger ship like ours, so the ship stops at some distance and few boats come to pick you up for the Island.Kalpeni Island is a very small island of around 25km square area. The island majorly depends on fishing and coconut farming for the economy.Till the time of leaving for Kavaratti, we chilled at the beach pool with some coconut water.And by the noon we left for Kavaratti.