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4th Dec 2015
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It was an awesome experience. I became all crazy after seeing the beaches which can reflect my face. The cleanliness, friendliness and peacefulness of Lakshadweep i can still feel in my heart. I once again want to go there to visit Kavarati and Kadamat esp oh yes also Minicoy!

After connecting flights we reached Kochi in the evening. The weather was totally different from Delhi. I pulled out my jacket and folded my jeans. The weather was coastal as we say. After checking in at the Resort which was a nice resort with good and helpful staff near airport. I tried to travel in Kochi like locals. We tried to take bus from the bus stop outside the resort. Since only a few buses were available on that route we stood there for sometime but were lucky enough to find a taxi with his owner who was going home and agreed to drop us on the halfway to Marine Drive which was HMT Junction (chauraha, but its junction in Kochin). From HMT, Menaka was our next stop. A walk with ice cream in one hand felt amazing. While coming back we needed to get in a bus till Airport Athani but somehow only managed to get in a bus till Aluva. From there we got into an auto and reached our resort for dinner.

on our second day we hurried to airport to board the Air India flight for Laccadives without PERMIT. HUH!!!!. you cannot even get the boarding pass without that permit which has to be authorised by the chief protocol officer lakshadweep. ours was still in the process due to my cousion who assured us to get the clearance 3months back. due to connections we managed to get it 5minutes prior to the departure and boarded the flight to Agatti. it was an adrenaline rush journey.

A very peaceful island, lush green and crystal clear water. the water is so clear that you can see different shades of blue. the whole runway is on water i.e. Arabian Sea. so for staying at Agatti or any other isalnd you need to have lakshadweep sports or government acommodation or you can get home stays at Agatti only through travel agencies. after checking at circuit house we visited the island. its a beautiful island with beautiful people. the food was really good at all the islands. rest is the experience that you can have when you visit the beautiful place seperate from city life and maintaining its culture. next day the morning started with the chirping of birds. after a nice breakfast we drifted on the sea with our glass bottom boat. we visited a near by island Kalpetti. while going we saw coral reefs and some colourful fishes through the glass bottom boat. thanks to the clarity of the water. Kalpetti is less inhabited. that place felt like our own island. we did a little snorkling and it was fun.

After breakfast we boarded the boat for Bangaram. there were three men and us. the journey started smoothly on the dark blue color of the Arabian Sea which changed into light ad sky blue and than finally into sea green as they say. on our way due to clarity of water we saw sea depth, turtles. colorful fishes and one black dolphin. the climate was little humid but it changed after 3 pm. while walking on the shore i saw a sting ray fish and a group of silver fishes. it was a beautiful island and evening was pleasant. there are beach house type of rooms so in a fraction of second you can reach the beach and vice versa. in one word OMG!

in the morning on high tides we sailed to Tinakara a near by island with a very few people. we also saw Parali 1&2. there was also Parali 3 but it got submerged in Tsunami 2004. these are inhabited islands. after enjoying the beauty. serenity and peace we came back to Agatti in the evening. on the way back Jaffar our boat crew head took us on the deep sea to see dolphins. it was very risky as the boat was small and the hides were high. but we saw so many dolphins that the risk was justified. it took us 1hr to reach back from Bangaram to Agatti. due to unavailability of accomodation we were able to visit kavaratti which i still regret but we enjoyed at Agatti.

We stayed at Agatti for two days. we walked around as the place was really safe. tried playing football with the kids on the beach and walked in the evening and saw sunset. it was pretty amazing. with lovely memories we boarded our flight back to kochin.

After reaching kochi we booked our hotel at the airport(lol! but got a deal). after a little rest we walked in search of spice market and finally after an hour long walk we managed to find broadway. only after reaching it we realized it was not far. we bought a lot of spices. PS- dont forget to bargain. next day we visited local places at kochi. i especially liked Cherai beach due to its cleanliness and peace. and in the evening did some cotton saree shopping. next day we came back to delhi.

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