Lakshadweep: ALL Quite on India’s Secret Islands

10th Feb 2017

The place that gives the feels of Paradise on earth

Photo of Lakshadweep: ALL Quite on India’s Secret Islands by Irfan Hasham

“Once a year go some place , you've never been before”

- Dalai Lama

It was a high, much needed break to beat the high octane work environment off to a magnificently amazing clusters of peace and natural doze of medicine. The islands are very small and there was beautiful Laguna from one side and from another side was coral reef. As we moved closer towards the islands, the shade of the water slowly changed to emerald green and became more and more transparent. Transparency to such an extent that, we could see the ocean floor. Google was just not sufficient to describe the beauty of this place nor were words. Finding a private patch of flawless, white sandy beach was no more of a challenge than running into a noisy traffic jam on the Indian mainland.

Lakshadweep, is the one exciting Union territory of India famous for blue waters and hosting SCUBA DIVING in the deep blue waters. It isn’t exactly easy to get into the state without the prior permission from Lakshadweep tourism. It is generally recommended to begin the processing at least two months prior to the date of travel as the permissions and stuff take time.

Arriving at a tropical island can never be considered a hardship. In fact, as we sat in the shade of a palm gazebo – a calm, bright blue sea just metres away. We had our lunch, relaxed a little and headed straight towards the sea to submerge in the blue waters. The best part of this island was, there were less tourists and we had an absolute liberty to go crazy in whatever form we can. Besides, swimming and clicking pictures along the island, we involved in snorkeling, kayaking and banana ride and chilled along the beach side benches. Snorkelling, in the shallow lagoon opened up a sun-dappled world of hard coral and piscine visitors, with turtles making the odd appearance.

Time to get crazy!

Photo of Lakshadweep: ALL Quite on India’s Secret Islands by Irfan Hasham

We had initial training session, conducted by Bangaram Dive Center, then we headed to the seashore at depth of 8 meters approx. We explored corals, some unknown fishes,algae and one turtle floating around.

A turtle spotted!

Photo of Lakshadweep: ALL Quite on India’s Secret Islands by Irfan Hasham

Later, we headed to 40m approx. shore at around 45 minutes boat ride distance. Here, we had some breathtaking close encounters with reef sharks, eagle rays, green turtles, box fish, lionfish, barb and dozens of other sea creatures. This was the scene of life.

One lifetime scene!

Photo of Lakshadweep: ALL Quite on India’s Secret Islands by Irfan Hasham

We headed back to the island and geared up for nightlife in Bangaram Island. We had some real cool barbeque and after-dinner chitchat with our fellow guests from multiple nations.

Next day, we had our flight from Agatti Island to head home. Such captivating vacation was nearing an end. Only the one, been to these islands shall discover the hidden secrets of the Indian sub-continent. A definite recommended place of travel!

Day 1

We landed in Agatti airstrip in morning, considered to be one of the most dangerous airstrips of the world. The view of the island from the plane was stupendous. Since, it is not permitted to stay in Agatti for tourists, we were headed to Kadmath Island that is 3 hours away from this place in a high speed craft.

Photo of Agatti, Lakshadweep, India by Irfan Hasham
Day 2

Accommodation was comfortable: simple air-conditioned huts with porches and – in some – hammocks. The surrounding and the atmosphere just gave us the feel of pure heaven.

The Hammocks for stay

Photo of Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep, India by Irfan Hasham

The next day, early morning sunrise had its own saying to the blue waters. What a view, what a place! We could see the seawood, the incongruous objects washed up the ocean. The camera could not resist itself from capturing the epic moments. Then again, we had some amazing dives in the sea from the pier.

Later, in the evening, we headed to explore and spoke with the localities around the 550 meters wide stretch of the island. Travelling along the island's only road, either in the resort's tiny shuttle bus, by rickety bicycle or on foot, we caught sight of children walking in immaculate school uniforms, head-scarfed women sweeping patterns into the dust of their unpaved front yards and young men playing football on a comically uneven beach football pitch.

Day 3

After spending two nights in kadmath, we headed to another island – Bangaram. The ultimate thuglife was awaiting us there – Scuba Diving.

View from Bangaram Island

Photo of Bangaram, Lakshadweep, India by Irfan Hasham

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