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Gesmo Restaurant

Ananya Ghosh
2) Gesmo Restaurant -Located on the sides of a road that climbs a long incline through the main market, German Bakery attracts people by its name. The place is officially called Gesmo Restaurant. It falls among the "decent looking" cafés, yet offers the best Yak Cheese Pizza that not even 4 of your hungriest friends could finish. Other than local fusion Tibetan food, you could also choose a Burger, fresh Salads or Pastries.My take, make this your second preference. You know the first ???? Leh City: *Pro Tip: While organising your days in Leh, plan to book a cab and cover the places you want to see in 3 sections i.e. Leh City & Around, Towards Manali and Towards Srinagar. It will save you time, money and effort!