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Panamic Hot Sulphur Springs

@diti $rivastava
Panamik: It’s famous for HOT WATER SPRINGS.*Many people go back Leh and the go to pangong lake but there are a short cut way its not in very good condition but it’s plain way and you don’t have to cross any Pass also you will save some time and in returning from Pangong Lake you also enjoy Changla Pass.
Dipika Thakkar
Panamik hot water Spring: At minus degree Temperature when you See hot water spring feels amaze. And As per localities after taking bath from this water you will get cure from some Skin diseases.Diskit monastery:
Disha Kapkoti
At the height 10,442 feet above sea level, this hot water spring in India is said to have medicinal properties and people from the neighboring villages of Nubra often visit the site to take a dip on a regular basis. Being located in the northern-most part of the country, Panamik is also a stopover for travellers who pass through this challenging terrain.
Harleen Kalsi
India's only hot water spring Village, Panamik in LadakhAccessible via Khardung La, Panamik is the village situated 150kms from Leh, which is a gateway to the jaw-dropping land of Nubra Valley. It is bounded by snow-clad mountains and is famous for hot water sulphur springs where travelers flock from around the world for a quick dip. This has to be one of the unique places in India that is also the last village before Siachen Glacier.
Amit Kumar Sharma
We started early and without breakfast decided to go to panamik for hot water spring. Water so hot that it relieved us from all our pain and cold and frost bites. We were there almost for an hour and already feeling healed. Then came back to camp packed, checked out at around 11.30am and started our journey to diskit monastery. The other side of nubra river.
Smiti Maini
Next we made a quick stop at Panamik village which lies close to the Siachen glacier. Panamik is famous for hot sulphur springs and for some reason unknown to me, people came in huge numbers to take a dip in this water. We just had coffee and Maggi and started on our way back to Leh.
Ishank Ahuja
Next day we headed to Panamik near Nubra Valley to take a bath in the Sulphur Springs which are supposed to have a high medicinal value!