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Rangdum Gompa

Rohit kumar Singh Jadon
This is the first monastery you will encounter if you’re entering the Zanskar region by road from the Kargil side. Located on top of a hill in the Suru river basin, a few kilometres from the villages, you get an unparalleled view of Suru valley from here. The monastery belonging to the Gelupa sect, at a height of 13,225 feet, houses a museum with rare artifacts. Although photography is not allowed inside the monastery, you can spend a night here, if you take permission from the monks.
 Footloose Dev
Rangdum Monastery Belonging to the Gelugpa sect, this 200 years old Tibetan Buddhist monastery is the biggest attraction in Rangdum. The monastery of Rangdum, although not one of the principal of the Ladak, definitely worth a stop if you're making a journey to Zanskar. It overlooks the valley from the top of the small hill surrounded by the river, the surrounding scenery is beautiful, and the monks are very welcoming to visitors. The gompa, and his paintings are very well preserved, and on request you can visit a small and interesting museum. 
Pritha Puri
Rangdum Monastery comes on the way to the ever isolated Zanskar valley. The road used to be bumpy but the local authorities are making an effort to improve the highway that connects Ladakh to Zanskar. The Rangdum Gompa stands alone on a hill looking over the tiny village below. The life at Rangdum is slow and lazy but the monks are very friendly and eager for interesting conversations. You can even learn about Tibetan Buddhism while spending time in there.Where: Ladakh, Kashmir
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Shweta Modgil
Rangdum is a town lost in time warp. A town of merely a dozen houses or so with the Rangum Gompa dotting the landscape and being the focal point, this is one enigmatic place on the way to Padum. Surrounded by lofty mountains and sprawling grasslands, Rangdum is a place to feel one with nature and yourself. Everywhere you look, you will fall be enamored by its vastness, quietude, and solace.