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7 out of 100 attractions in Leh
Vikas Vashisht
It was the time of Sunset the best time to visit there.The Most Peaceful time we Spend there with lots of Deep thoughts left behind & Some beauty Clicks.the whole view of Leh City & Sorrounding Landscape is clearly Visible from here.
Suyaash Mehta
Ronak Vora
As we get down our Go Air Flight and start taking Picturesque Photos, Army Official in Camouflage comes and prohibits us from taking Photos. He then politely requests us to delete the existing photos, of the beautiful sunrise amidst the Ice filled Glaciers that cover the part of the airport, explaining that Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport alongwith the Leh airport is also one of the Important Base Camps of the Indian Army and the Indian Airforce. We somehow accept his request and then proceed through possibly the smallest airports I have experienced.Proceeding through our hotel, Driver- starts the conversation by telling us the airport is named (Kushok Bakula Rimpochee) after the Famous Buddhist Lama (Leader) who served in the Parliament of India, and was deeply engaged with welfare, education and rights of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes of India. Amidst our conversation we arrive at the hotel as the traditional breakfast awaits for us. Post Breakfast we are advised to rest as they explain us the importance of acclimatizing with the high altitude climate. Little do we hear from him and re-start taking pictures.
Surbhi Vedi
We came back to my room and Swaagatt took a power nap. The mischievous girl in me applied blood red color nail enamel on Swaagatt’s finger (I don't know what came to my mind). When I was about to apply it on his other finger, he woke up. It scared the hell outta me. Instantly, I regretted it and I realized I crossed my limit. He, on the other hand, took it sportingly. It was such a relief and I decided to play along. So I told him, I’m not giving you any nail paint remover. To my surprise, he was cool with it. The guy roamed around the Shanti Stupa with confidence. It was so nice to see a guy not getting bothered with a single coat of red nail paint on his finger.What's your Mantra?We went to Mantra Travel Lounge to chill and have really nice infused tea.
Ananya Ghosh
6) Shanti Stupa -This white-domed stupa is situated on a hilltop in Chanspa, Leh district and all the tourists first flee here once in Leh. I would recommend that you see the rest of the places and then if you have time, do this! I personally didn't enjoy it as much as I did on the road to reach here!Towards Manali:1) Shey Palace & Monastery2) Thiksay Monastry - My personal favorite, I would say you must go.3) Stakna Gompa4) Karu Village5) Hemis Gompa Towards Srinagar:1) Spituk Gompa - Beautiful view of Leh city and the airport runway.2) Phey Village3) Pathar Sahib Gurudwara - Plan to reach here during lunch time to experience the yummiest Lankar and the prasaad (offering) of course!4) Magnetic Hill - Overrated!5) Sangam (Confluence of Zanskar & Indus Rivers) - If the weather allows, you can go rafting on the two rivers; it's quite a thrilling experience!6) Likir Gompa7) Alchi Choskhor