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Skara Road

Devashish Patel
The second day started off similarly to the first day. We woke up, went for a walk this time towards Skara Market, and then had our breakfastToday's acclimatization walk was on a nearby hill. There was a tiny monastery in between the hill, but the plan was to go all the way to the top. Unlike yesterday, there were no stairs nor were there any trails. We were trekking on the rocks to climb up the mountain in a style we were quite familiar with due to extensive trekking in the Sahayadris. Moreover, our Action trekking shoes, as they provide good grip, were perfectly suited for a trek like this on moving gravel and rocks. The thin air did make trekking in this terrain more difficult than the Sahayadris. Nonetheless, we were on the top in less than 2 hours. And once there, the views were fantastic. On one side stood the airfield, and sandy hills while on the other stood the mighty Stok Kangri. The third side was taken over by the Leh city and its surroundings. We could see Shanti Stupa at a distance, distinctly below us and that gave an idea of the height we had climbed. Its peak was a tiny place, with just sufficient space to hold all 29 of us. We spent a considerable time up there clicking photos, singing songs and making Litchee squash. The climb down was trickier due to the moving gravel. Many people slipped, but not us as we had the mighty Action trekking shoes. Once down, we proceeded back to the camp for Lunch.