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The Tibetan Kitchen

Vidya Sundaram
We finally got a chance to taste the local cuisine . We tried thukpa (soupy noodle) , momos (dumplings) and hakka noodles.
Aditi Chaudhary
After having a scrumptious breakfast at Nubra organic retreat, we left for Leh around 8 am. Nubra is much more peaceful in the morning as compared to evening. Wind is easy and there are lesser people. We reached Leh around 1.30 pm and straight headed to the most talked about restaurant in Leh, The Tibetan Kitchen. It’s situated at Fort road and is very crowded most of the time. It’s a vibrant and cosy place with seating arrangements both inside and in the lawn. We ordered Thupka, half fried momos, Salyag bread with sauce, chocolate shake and Banana fritters. We loved everything except the banana fritters.