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Elephanta Caves

It is located in East Mumbai and is popular because of the Elephanta caves,which is carved completely out of rock and is about 10kms from the east coats of Mumbai.
The caves can be reached by an approx. 1-hour boat ride from Gateway of India.As wikipedia says Elephanta Island also called Gharapuri Island or place of caves or Pory Island is one of a number of islands in Mumbai Harbour in east of Mumbai, India.It was end of June when we decided blaze the place on a heavy-pour-no-sun kind of day to experience the turmoil of the sea. TheKnown in ancient times as Gharapuri, the name Elephanta island (i.e. "ilha do Elefante"), was given by 16th century Portuguese explorers, after seeing a monolithic basalt sculpture of an elephant found near the entrance. They decided to take it home but ended up dropping it into the sea because their chains were not strong enough. Later, this sculpture was moved to the Victoria and Albert Museum (now Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum) in Mumbai, by the British. This island was once the capital of a powerful local kingdom. In Manuscript F by Leonardo da Vinci (kept at the Library de France) there is a note in which he says 'Map of Elephanta in India which Antonello the heberdasher has.' It is unclear who this Florentine traveller Antonello might have been.
Shalini Singh
Probably the best getaway from Mumbai .Itinerary:Reached Gateway at 2 PM.Left via Ferry Took 1 hour 15 mins to Reach Elephanta Islands (it is 10 km from Mumbai)As soon as we reached we realized that the water is 40% above MRP ...so plz carry water..Also , even after taking the toy train you have to walk a long way and 120 stairs so wear sturdy shoes .The history of the caves was well manipulated by the guides but was funn listening to...However we covered everything (5 caves and one point ) in 3 hours and reached the return station at 5:30 .After the hectic day the calm sea on the return was a treat and with some music it turned divine ...It is worth every penny and time that you spend on this island...keep it clean...I did my bit💓
Rajesh Nisar
We have left home early in the morning to reach churchgate Station & than took a cab to the Gateway of India. From here we took ferry to elephanta caves island and travelled for nearly one hour to reach elephanta. Paid village entry fees of 15 rs and some entery fees of caves.Very beautiful sculptures of shiv tandav, shiv vivah & famous tri murti (three faces of lord shiva) is crafted in caves. Stay here till 4pm and than leave for gateway of India to view beautiful lighting done on it & for best view of Taj mahal hotel.
I started the day very early because of my heavy schedule. Travelled to Churchgate in local railways and then you can opt for shared Ola or Uber(the trick is you can book share Ola or Uber and most of the times you will be the only one travelling with no shares). I reached Gateway of India around 8-30 am. Try to be there as early as you can to get some clicks otherwise the place get really crowded. You can get some great shots of the Taj Hotel as well. In the middle of your clicks, get the ticket to Elephanta caves that will cost you 205 INR including return. Try to board the first ship to the place to experience a quieter version of that place and get amazing panoramic shots. Remember there are lots of monkeys hopping around the place so make sure to carry your camera, phones and other eatables with care. There is a little walk once to reach the island to reach the caves. There are 5 caves in total and the scene will genuinely transport into prehistoric era. There is a Canon hill accessible through a trail just beside the entrance of Elephanta caves. You will find a tranquil trail with sea in your view and tropical greens surroundings your path way. There are two cannons out there for you to explore.
What's so special: Something which people living in the city haven’t Done. The Iconic Gateway of India is a place where almost every tourist is taken too on their visit to Mumbai, but go a little beyond from the Gateway and you will reach a World away from the Madness. A 1 hour Boat Ride with beautiful Seagulls flying along will take you to the UNESCO sight known as the Elephanta Caves, the first view is so splendid it will blow your mind. The statue of Buddha is absolutely incredible and goes back a thousand years. Entry is 50 rs for Boat ride, 10 Rs to the Caves, toy train is another 10 Rs.