Hidden beaches around Mumbai

17th Nov 2014
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Photo of Hidden beaches around Mumbai 4/4 by Karishma

When everything in Mumbai happens at some inexplicable speed, holidays too need to be quick, against all wishes.

Either you are the person who’s looking for beaches that are close by, niche and beautiful or you are one of those who’s on the way to Goa but cannot help beach hopping on the way too! In either case, you’ll love these hidden beaches around Mumbai and might even postpone Goa (who knows?)!

Tick these off your list soon…you’ll realize these gems of hidden beaches around Mumbai are exactly what you need to let go of all the stress and tension that builds up. Know this, beaches are for every kind of traveler and you’ll find what you are looking for, too, now that you have been shown the way!

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This makes an amazing last-minute-decision holiday! Kihim is on the Alibaug stretch of beaches and closer to Mumbai than Alibaug itself! Just get on to a ferry from Gateway of India to Mandwa, take an Alibaug bound bus and on your way, hidden a short walk away, is this beauty.A stretch of sand and splashing waves all to yourself (well, save a few locals you won’t mind) and almost all the quaint guesthouses here are about a minute’s walk from the beach! Need more?The food is local, fresh, warm and coastal - just what you need in a place like Kihim. If you’re looking for some bottled spirits, remember that Alibaug is just next door!

Photo of Kihim, Kihim, Maharashtra 402201, India by Karishma

If you are lucky, you’ll find this beach and the crowds won’t or in the other case, you’ll miss it too! Korlai, 20kms ahead of Alibaug from Mumbai is quite un-spottable. It lies on a perfect story setting – on a village road around the hill which slopes down to this beach. For directions’ sake, it’s a little ahead of a town called Revdanda.Korlai is small and serene, it’s got a rocky, green back protecting the white sands and the privacy of its visitors (believe me, there aren’t many).We recommend a visit to the lighthouse and the Portuguese fort, both for some memorable views of the sea! But, the nearest accommodation is a little away at Kashid or Nagaon and so the best idea is to stock up and set camp on the Korlai sands!It’s advisable to take your own four wheels but once you find it, it guarantees all the seclusion and bliss you were looking for!

Photo of Korlai, Maharashtra, India by Karishma

Sometimes, you just need a place that understands your need to be left alone. Diveagar it is. About 130 kms down the Mumbai-Goa highway is a turn at Mangaon. Drive another 30kms farther from there and you’ve reached Diveagar.Get down to the most peaceful beach you’ve met. Diveagar is a splendid, long stretch (almost 6-7kms!) of pristine sand and water. You can expect some birds for company, who’ve probably come to relax too!Don’t even think about a city (not because it’s far) because you are in a world away from the madness. Enjoy the beach to yourself, take a short walk and you can find some homestays or guesthouses between acres of betel and coconut plantations!Again, take your own transport here so you don’t feel completely stranded in paradise!

Photo of Diveagar Beach, Raigad, Maharashtra, India by Karishma

Some 80kms north of Mumbai, stretches this attractive beach at Kelva. It’s in the Thane district and was almost unknown till a few years back. Kelva is becoming quite and crowd-puller and we recommend you drive down there before it becomes too popular!It’s ideal for a beach break that’s just over and hour’s drive away! Kelva is settled besides the hills of the Sahayadris and gives you the perfect mix of long charming beaches, lush greenery and tranquil from the city.This seaside spot offers complete solace and we recommend you reach here during the sunrise or sunset to lose yourself to nature’s most beautiful.

Photo of Kelva Beach by Karishma

Gorai is that glimpse of the Arabian Sea which you need once in a while. And what a breathtaking glimpse it makes!It’s a short yet fulfilling stretch of almost 3kms of smooth sand and surf. The waters are calm enough to even take a swim but do consult a local first! Gorai is fringed with coconut trees and palms, with local life brewing at just round the corner.It is also a great spot if you are on your way to Essel World! May we suggest you drive down to the Uttan beach nearby or visit Asia’s largest meditation centre, the Pagoda, while you are at it!Gorai makes a great day trip with the luxuries of some cute guesthouses a walk away. Reach Gorai from Mumbai via the Bhayander road and you won’t complain for the rest of your day (or more).

Photo of Gorai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Karishma

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