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7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
24 Hours
Photography, sight- seeing
September - May
Families, Friends, Couples
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Tarkarli Beach

This is a narrow stretch of beach on the coastline of Maharashtra located 6 kilometers south of Malvan. The main attraction here is the clear waters of the beach and the beautiful sceneries. If you are lucky to visit the beach on a clear day, you will be able to sea the seabed from such a depth too. The Sindhudurg built in the 17th century and the Padmagarh are the two Sea fortresses which are also major attractions here. Apart from these, staying at the MTDC sea side cottages and tasting authentic Konkani cuisine are also a must here.
Shivam Bajare
We had already booked a cruiser from karad. I was told by my friends that they would arrive at 5 o'clock in morning and yes! It was 6 in the clock and then they arrived. Latelatiffs!! So our journey finally started at 6 o'clock in the morning. Our first stop was for breakfast at a Udupi restaurant just after passing kolhapur.After reaching sindhudurg, we were all hungry so the first thing we did was, had lunch. you will find many home turned into resort as tourism has been one of the main source of income in Malvan. We had lunch in a hotel named fish and fry. Being a vegetarian you get only veg. Thali ranging from 80/- to 120/-. For the non vegetarian the list is long. then we headed towards the Sindhudurg fort. The fare price per person was 100/- to and fro. People were trying scuba diving near the fort area. We were keen to try scuba diving as it was the main motto behind our trip to Malvan!! After exploring the fort we headed to TARKARLI. We booked a room for 9 people in a dormitory called Sumati Sagar near Tarkarli beach. we could easily see the sea shore from our room. They charged us around 400/- per person.We took some rest and then went to the beach. No matter how mature you get, the mighty sea does bring out the small child inside you. We were running all over the beach enjoying our evening. we even played vollyball, got some photographs in the golden hour (that crispy golden filter). Back to the room after taking shower, we headed out for our dinner. Some of my niggas wanted to try chinese food on the land of sea food. Trust me, don't even try! I had my veg thali. After having our dinner we went on the beach. while stargazing we were doing some pranks on two of my friends who are afraid of the dark. But we did saw a shadow walking near the water and its pace of walking increased, and that stuff did scared the shit out of us. And we came back to our room tired and scared ???? .
Ranjeet Deshmukh
So we reached Tarkarli at 3 PM it took about 5-6 hr from Goa, after getting some rest we headed to most surprising The Tarkarli beach, Tarkarli a hamlet in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra, it is mostly known for its charismatic coastlines of Arabian Sea, pristine clear water, white sand, silence and greenery and of course water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing and if you are lucky you can spot dolphins too.We spent all our evening swimming and relaxing at beach enjoying the vermilion sunset. After being totally exhausted we headed back to our room where delicious dinner was waiting for us at seashore itself.It was authentic Malvan freshly prepared sea food by courteous House owner itself and believe me its amazingly tasty with that and full tummy we dared to walk for a while before going to bed.
Aashi Pawaiya
It was the time to overrun our Scuba fever and deep dive into nothingness where you actually feel your heart pumping. This was in our bucket list since a very long time and we finally tick it off.As it was our first experience, we were hysterical but it all went out well with the support of adept instructors. They provided us mask which was covering the eyes and nose and oxygen cylinder. Accompanied by two instructors, we dived into the sea where we could witness the life mushrooming beneath the sea, corals and associated Marine life. Turn by turn as we went under the weightless world, watching the fishes float all around made it felt like so unimaginably close to Nature.It costed us around 1200-1500, to dive upto 25m.
Prasad Keni
Day-4:-We Woke by our natural alarm at 4.15, well the mobile alarm didn’t work. Witnessing Sunrise with light showers & gulping Milk from Packets we Reached Tarkarli beach for a satisfying breakfast.