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Tarkarli Beach

This is a narrow stretch of beach on the coastline of Maharashtra located 6 kilometers south of Malvan. The main attraction here is the clear waters of the beach and the beautiful sceneries. If you are lucky to visit the beach on a clear day, you will be able to sea the seabed from such a depth too. The Sindhudurg built in the 17th century and the Padmagarh are the two Sea fortresses which are also major attractions here. Apart from these, staying at the MTDC sea side cottages and tasting authentic Konkani cuisine are also a must here.
Niyati Mavinkurve
1. Tarkarli Beach:We stayed at MTDC’s Tarkarli resort which was a stone’s throw away from the beach. Tarkarli beach is clean, without hawkers. Enjoy a peaceful walk on soft sand with the sound of the sea in your ears. The water is clear and there is always a wind blowing. The beach is wonderful to visit during the winters when temperatures are pleasant. There is a huge stretch of beach so walk around and find the beach you prefer to stroll on.
Do watch the full video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aTdthmdzt8Love&Peace :)
Jeff Kurian
Breakfast at the resort, check out and drop to Malvan bus stand for further journey.Quote – Rs.5950\- per personQuote Includes• 01 nights’ accommodation in air-conditioned villa as per 03 adults sharing the room• 02 buffet breakfasts with veg and non veg selection• 01 Picnic lunches with veg and non veg selection• 01 buffet dinners with live grill, veg and non veg selection• Scuba diving with training and instructor• Snorkelling with training and instructor• Camp fire• Movie screening under the stars• Pick up and drop from Malvan bus stand in AC cars• 01 day Geared cycle rental with helmets for the trail• Escort for the whole tour• All applicable taxesDoes not include• Tips and Gratitude• Any air/train/bus fare• Any other cycling gear other than helmets
Riya Mukherjee
Tarkarli has got almost the whole lot of what the travel freaks have got in the check list before drawing the travel plan to a beach destination. It have virgin beaches, white sand, clear turquoise water, a range of water-sports (Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Parasailing & many more!!), Backwaters, intact culture, great sea food and lot more!! This particular part of Maharastra is relatively unexplored. Perfect for visit with acquaintances!!(If you are looking forward for a trip to Tarkarli for water-sports mainly you must plan the trip during the months of October – February when the sky is clear & sunny.)How We Got There:Tarkarli is very close to Goa. Hence, that makes Tarkarli nearest to Dabolim airport, Goa.It is well connected with Mumbai & Goa by roadways as well. However we preferred to board a train from Mumbai for Kudal (Which is nearest railway station to Tarkarli) to ensure Comfortable & Time/Cost effective Journey. Accommodation:A decent number of hotel options are readily available. However, we preferred a Home-stay to get along even better with locale. It is recommended to choose the Home-stays close to MTDC Resort Tarkarli which is sort of junction between Tarkarli and Devbaug. Getting Around:Private Cabs should not be hired at the very first go to get around in view of the fact that it would occur pretty good amount. Moreover, liberty of allocating time to various attractions would be compromised to a great extent. To nullify all the hindrances we choose to hire Scooty to roam around!! And trust me this particular decision made our trip even more awesome!!! ITINERARY WE FOLLOWEDDay : 1 Boarded Matsyagandha Express from Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus at around 2200 HRS Overnight journey to Kudal. Day: 2 Early morning arrival at Kudal Station. Hired a vehicle to Tarkarli. Checked In to the Accommodation at around 1200 HRS. Freshen up and lunch. Post lunch visit to beach adjacent to MTDC Resort. Hired a Scooty meanwhile for two days and proceed towards Sindhudurg Fort for Scuba Diving. Post Scuba Diving it was almost 1700 HRS. So the ferry service to the fort was closing. Hence we decided to proceed toward Malvan beach after that. (It was my very first experience of Scuba Diving but I found it so very soothing that I took a pledge to Dive at least once in a year now onward!!) After spending some time at Malvan beach we started with exploring local market and local delicacies (Sea food are in abundance and they all are yummilicious!!). Overnight Stay. Day: 3 After breakfast we proceed towards Sindhudurg Fort. It is obligatory to mention here that this fort is located in the middle of the sea (approx 2km from sea shore) and one have to avail ferry service to get there. The fort offers some spectacular Views. After getting back we rushed towards Devbaug. It looks like Kerala to a huge extent thanks to backwaters. We hired a Private Boat here which took us to Tsunami Island, which was formed during devastating tsunami. Here a wide range of water sports are available. We choose to do Parasailing. Indeed a good experience it was. After Devbaug we headed towards Nivati Beach and it was just another beach, not that great. Post that we moved to market to pack some delicacies back home!! (Must try Jackfruit Chips, Aamrush, Banana Chip) And after that we took the train at around 2130 HRS from Kudal to get back to Mumbai. This is how the trip concluded and blissful memories remain!!
Aditi Pandya
The beauty of the people is in their simplicity and readiness to help. You can trust the locals with your stay, meals and places to visit and people here will be willing to go out of their way to make your stay memorable and create a place in your heart.
Manisha Gouda
We returned back and had Malvani food in lunch after getting freshened up .The organizers are so sweet to set up the tents by the time we had our lunch. It was 5 PM by that time. Then we went to Beach again and it was the place where we all actually got to know each other via some games (Virtual Volleyball, Dumb Charades etc.) and the sunset scene was marvelous.We were trying to capture the sunset view at the same time was having fun by playing Dumb charades. The cold breeze, clear water was blowing us away into another world. We had some quality time spent together to know each other and that’s when we realized how amazing it is to have people from all over country from Mumbai to Odisha ,Mizoram and Himachal to Kerala in a group sitting in the beach enjoying the sunset together.We returned back to the Camping place and played another game, the followed by Dinner (delicious Fish item) and had some discussions regarding the next day plan (Water Sports at Dandi Beach). The organizers team had allotted the tents GroupWise and explained about the tent stay and all. We kept our bags and all inside the tents .By that time our organizer team had set campfire for us, we sat there for few minutes and preferred going out to the beach again to enjoy the silence moments.Again another amazing time well spent with few people from the group (others slept in the tent as it was around 12 AM ).Walking bare foot on the Cool sand and seeing the moonlight reflection on the sea waves, cold breezes and Music at low volume was simply splendid. We came back at 2.30 AM and went to our respective tents to sleep for few hours.
TK Iyer
Well, the best part about Tarkarli is its stay in MTDC resort. Though a little expensive, it is one of the best resort in Tarkarli. MTDC is situated on the Tarkarli beach and has cottage style houses. If it’s your anniversary or any special occasion then go ahead and book a houseboat there. Tarkarli beach is one of the cleanest beaches. It’s beautiful to wake up in the morning to the rising sun and see its colors reflecting in the beach. You can just have chill-pill on the hammocks. You will also fall in love with the beautiful sunset making you fall in more love with each other with every minute passing by.
Nikhil Shinde
Have always heard praises for this place for its serene beaches, scuba diving and the delicious local food. People often feel the zest for a GOA trip but neglect this small yet budding village on the way which is starting to get accolades among the travelers community for the solitude it provides. So after a lot of iterations, we finally decide to visit TARKARLI!! A group of 7 mad heads (engineers) on a road trip from Mumbai to Tarkarli (approx 480 kms)Note: Its better to have your vehicle to Tarkarli as there is no such public transport to travel within the village. If not, you can go to Kudal railway station (nearest) and a catch the state bus to Malwan. There you can hire bikes from the locals. But dont expect the ones like Goa. The bikes are few in numbers and without the commercial permit (no yellow number plate)Day 0 (Road trip)With an untimely shower for the month of March couple of days back, we get ready for the long overnite drive from Powai, Mumbai. The wheels roll and we head towards the Mumbai- Goa highway (NH 17, new numbered to NH 66). Songs play, we all banter and with time all fall asleep at around 4am. Our driver (aka Dada) too takes a short nap (of course with car parked) to start again. The road has a few ghats until one enters Malwan where the roads narrow down and we see early morning street markets, school children. After almost a 10 hour long ride and coupe of wrong turns, we reach Tarkarli
Evening can be very peaceful here. Take some leisure walks on the beach and explore malvan on foot.
Nicole Ferreira
This summer I decided to make a road trip with my best friend to one of the most popular holiday destinations in Maharashtra, Tarkarli. Tarkali is a small village located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is around 546kms away from Mumbai and it took us about 12 hours by road to reach Tarkarli. This district of Sindhudurg is filled with pristine beaches that are barely 2-3 kms away from each other.Since it is a village, we found many homestays that offered AC as well as non Ac rooms. There is also an MTDC at Tarkarli which is a beach front resort that has cottages right on the beach. We lived at a homestay resort which was just 5 mins away from Tarkarli beach. The people there were very warm and pleasant. The homestay places offer home cooked Malvan food which is just delicious. Most of the resorts and home stays in Tarkarli and Malvan follow a thali system. If you are a fan of sea food, you will not be disappointed. They always serve fresh catch cooked by the locals in their specially prepared masalas. Wherever you go, please try the Fried Prawns. They will leave you wanting for more.
Shreya More
You know you need it. Open sky, tall trees and a blue sea that stretches beyond horizon. We all do, I suppose that’s why god created places like Tarkarli. Imagine remote isolated virgin beaches, dolphins, scuba diving, old historic forts and well-cooked prawns, all in one place!Having a family which loves travelling is the cherry on the cake. Indeed, visiting stranger place with familiar faces is a great adventure in itself! So with busy schedules on the run me and my cousins hit the road to reach our destination.Getting to Tarkarli (Malvan) by road is perhaps the best way. The picturesque town is around 35 km towards west of a town Kasal which is on Mumbai-Goa National Highway NH-17. Distance from Mumbai is around 540 km while from Kolhapur it is mere 160 kms.Tarkarli beach is one of the numerous and amazingly beautiful beaches spread across the Malvan sea coast overlooking the Arabian Sea in the state of Maharashtra. It is a long stretch of beach with white sand and coconut trees, at any given time of the day a couple of fishing trawlers are always parked at the far end of the beach. The very first view of the beach left me in true astonishment, the euphony of waves with the panoramic view of sea and the sun peeking from the clouds was a fascinating moment. There are plenty of restaurants near the main beach area that serve authentic Malvani food and sea food thalis. Poha, missal pav, prawns thali, jhinga thali, etc are the famous dishes that are served in all the restaurants. Kokam juice is also a famous local drink which is easilyavailable.Sol Kadhi the pink colored appetizer drink made from the kokam fruit and Coconut Milk, often drunk after particularly hot and spicy Konkani/Malvani meal as it is very soothing.Travelers get attracted to Tarkarli because of it’s clean white sand beach, water sports, forts, beautiful sunset and not to mention it has very less crowd. Now it is also famous forwater sports, dophin ride, snorkelling, parasailing and Scuba Diving. YES you heard it right!
Suvil sharma
We are in tarkarli ( Devbaug ) at 9am . After taking somerest in homestay ( please do pre booking ) . Locals guide to take Scuba at 1st day because sky is clean and there is more than sufficient sunlight on that day.So we are now ready for SCUBA DIVING.I think very cheap and good ( if you are first timer) There is boat that takes us to that scuba point . Divers is very co-operatives and guide very effectively although it is just 30-40 feet but it is something different. First half an hours they guide about signals and all in under water, we spots so many fishes, corals. This is around 10-15 min underwater experience which takes out your fear for water. This is around 2-3 hours pick - underwater - drop experience . Pictures and video is also taken by divers . Great experience in starting 4-6 hours in tarkarli but still there is much more adventures left in trip.Camp fire at beach which is arranged by our homestay manager as well as alcohol is arranged by them. very safe , shaant ( not disturbing ) and clean beaches were in tarkarli was amazing . If you are at seashore with fire with you , believe me this is something different and memorable for your life. My friend says in ' nashe patte' ( Paani kitna bada hota hai ) ????????????.
Prajakta Moray
Last on the list for the trip was Tarkarli Beach. This beach is known as ‘Queen beach’ of Sindhudurg. For adventure water sport lover, scuba diving, snorkeling and other facilities are available.If you are looking for quick monsoon getaway then konkan is the place. Every nook and cranny in the konkan villages turns in to a waterfall. It’s a delightful sight to witness the white burst of water…Finally we bid a good-bye to konkan as we boarded our train.
Tarkarli Beach: Tarkarli is a village in Malvan Taluka, district Sindhudurg. It is a tourist destination in coastal Maharashtra, and comprises of a picturesque beach. From the beach we can see the famous historical fort Sindhudurg built by Shivaji Maharaj. This place has gained prominence because of its long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters, white sand, golden rocks, backwaters, and water sports. On a clear day, one can see the bed unto a depth of 20 ft. It presents a panoramic view with tall ‘Shuru’ trees in the background. The wide river, the beautiful sailboats and the tiny hamlets situated on the riverbank, add to the picturesque beauty of Tarkarli. Sighting dolphins adds a feather to its beauty. read more…
Bhagyashree Jain
Just a few kms away from Sindhudurg Fort enjoy the beautiful sunset at Tarkarli beach
Rashmi Uttekar
Beautiful white sand beaches far away from crowd.. Delicious food.. thrilling water sports.. and humble locals is what makes Tarkarli a must visit for everyone who wants to be close to nature..
Aditi Pandya
Sagnik Basu
Definitely one of the best beaches in Maharashtra. It is very close to Malvan Town. The Sindhudurg Fort is clearly visible in the distance in the middle of the Arabian Sea. There is a beautiful resort run by the MTDC, where one can drop in to have a Malvani meal with fish curry. They have stay options too. We walked further down the beach to reach the end of the beach at Devbagh, also known as Devbagh Sangam. This is like a small cape or 'Land's End' with the Karli river on one side and the vast Arabian Sea on the other. One can sit here on an upturned boat or the sand and just gaze at the spectacular scenery for hours on end. Then one can walk through a typical coastal village where all the local fishermen live. A number of resorts are located at Tarkarli beach, offering stay options very close to the beach.
Kamalika Roy
This picturesque beach is situated at the confluence of river Karli and Arabian Sea on the west coast of India, around 550 km from Mumbai and 6km to the south of Malvan. This less frequented beach is a heaven for adventure lovers. Activities like snorkelling , parasailing and scuba diving are very common here. The most prominent attraction of this beach is its clear and pristine water. On a clear day, we can see the sea bed through a depth of 20 feet!