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7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
24 Hours
Photography, sight- seeing
September - May
Families, Friends, Couples
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Tarkarli Beach

This is a narrow stretch of beach on the coastline of Maharashtra located 6 kilometers south of Malvan. The main attraction here is the clear waters of the beach and the beautiful sceneries. If you are lucky to visit the beach on a clear day, you will be able to sea the seabed from such a depth too. The Sindhudurg built in the 17th century and the Padmagarh are the two Sea fortresses which are also major attractions here. Apart from these, staying at the MTDC sea side cottages and tasting authentic Konkani cuisine are also a must here.
Pooja Tomar Kshatrani
हम सभी जानते हैं कि गोआ के बीच साल भर टूरिस्ट से भरे होते हैं, इसलिए उत्तर-पश्चिम में कुछ ही घंटों की ड्राइव के बाद यह महाराष्ट्र का साउथ कोस्ट एक बढ़िया विकल्प हो सकता है। उम्दा सफेद रेत के अलावा, टरकाली एरिया में शांत बैकवाटर, रंग-बिरंगे गांव और प्राचीन समुद्री किले भी हैं।
Aninda De
মহারাষ্ট্রের তারকালির ক্ষীণ ও সুদীর্ঘ বিচ বা সমুদ্রতটের রূপ দেখে আসুন।
Prabhakar Borade
Rama Kant Gupta
This beach offers serenity, cleanliness as well as crowd, depending upon which part you are visiting. It has crowded are as well as secluded areas, particularly at the backside of various resorts. We enjoyed this beach in the evening as well as morning at the time of sunset & sunrise.Karli Backwaters:After wonderful Tarkarli beach, there is a road/land where Karli river is on left hand side and Devbagh beach on right hand side. We covered this place from the boating site, near MTDC Scuba diving institute and enjoyed back water ride via Speed Boat. Overall a good place to see the point where Karli river meets Arabian Sea at Devbagh.Tsunami Island