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Hobbiton Movie Set

Aditya Saini
The plan for the next day was to visit the HOBBITON MOVIE SET (from the movie series, LORD OF THE RINGS) in Matamata Town. The Hobbiton bus escorts people to the Set from Shire Cafe. The set is inside the humongous land of Alexander Farms. This was a guided 3 hour tour of the Set. The place immediately got back memories of Lord of the Rings, Frodo, Bilbo Baggins, Legolas, Gandalf and everything else related to the movie. The entire place was so beautiful that not a single pic out there, came out to be ordinary. Me & my wife went on a Photo Clicking Spree and clicked hundreds of photos in Hobbiton. The tour ended with a special black beer @ Green Dragon Cafe in Hobbiton Village. We came back around 6PM that day and the spent the remaining night in our beautiful Honeymoon SPA Room. In the night around 11PM, we went to the Airport to drop of our car, but to our surprise, for the first time, we saw a CLOSED AIRPORT, with not even a guard @ Security - Quite astonishing, right ? The customer care executive told us that we can drop off the keys of our car next morning in the Airport area.
Vaibhav Annam
I was looking forward to this day as we were to visit the film set of LOTR – Hobbiton or the Shire or the home of the Hobbits. We took the 10 am tour and while some people consider this pricey/touristy, I loved every part of Hobbiton – the landscape, hobbit houses, Bag End, the Green Dragon Inn, filming scenes, everything!
New Zealand is almost synonymous with Lord of The Rings and for fans of the franchise, Wellington is the right place to be in order to embark upon a day tour exploring the filming locations of the fantastical Middle Earth. Moreover, do not miss out on saying hello to Gandalf and Gollum at the Wellington International Airport.