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Pura Meru

Neyha Jain
Next, Kuta beach- all the way to the south of Lombok. I take a pit stop at the famous Pura Meru, but find it disappointing. It is an ancient temple but there is not much that meets the eye. At Kuta, I lodge at one of the many BNB options. Kuta boasts of some beautiful beaches scattered across its arch including the secret pink beach. Exploring Kuta needs about a week and a local guide. Since it was my final night in Lombok, I head to the main Kuta beach to take in the view with sand in my feet. It’s a quiet non-commercial beach with eroding rocks. Over dinner, I met a dozen foreigners who were setting up businesses from teaching yoga to surfing. They were the ones who’d only do what they love. It was a good end to the trip to see this freshness in objective.