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Mawlynnong - Cleanest Village

Preeya Darshini
Reaching the cleanest village in India was a surprise. Not been know for it cleanliness at first place and then getting to know this village was cleanest in all of Asia was a good feeling. It also didn't leave us disappointed with the bamboo huts they made and many things around the village.On our way back to Dawki we witnessed many tourist come by for the boating in those crystal clear water on the boarders of India.We also got into one of those boats and full of excitement taking pictures and videos and just going ga ga over the thing which we were seeing on internet.
Sparsh Goyal
Regarded as the cleanest village in Asia, Mawlynnong is situated in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. Also known as ‘God’s own garden’, this place receives a large number of tourists owing to its cleanliness and the Root Bridge situated there.How to Reach?No public vehicle can take you to this place. The only option is to travel till Guwahati or Shillong via Train or Flight and then hire a cab till Mawlynnong. There are various local cab operators functioning in the cities from where you can get rentals – either self-driven or with a cabbie.
Abhishek Tyagi
A 2 hour drive into narrow paths surrounded by dense forests and cliffs lead us to Mawlynnong. After reaching, when we started moving from the parking lot to the entrance, we didn't realize we were walking into a village. The notion of an Indian village in our minds is that of a place having poorly constructed roads with stray animals roaming around, some old fashioned houses, cow-dung smell and other stuff which urban population finds strikingly different. However, Mawlynnong was entirely different- Clean black roads, with small cottage houses (mostly converted into home-stays) and dustbins made of natural bio-degradable material at every 50 mts. Everything was so peaceful, it just didn't feel like we were in a residential area- So green, so calm and yet very humane.We had initially planned to go to a church in Shillong, and we stumbled upon one in this village (There are multiple churches in Mawlynnong). It seemed to be deserted and closed, and we went inside the gate to find no one was there. Being in a church at such place is a bliss!