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Balpakram National Park

Sonam Nimkar
Siju Cave or otherwise known as the Bat Cave is located in Balpakarn National Park, Meghalaya. The cave itself is named after nearby village Siju. The cave is yet not developed but it is spacious and easy to visit. You need to take a local along to explore this cave with a prior appointment. The cave is home to a collection of ants and bats. A new kind of cave fish-Menon was also discovered here. The beautiful cave is said to be the third largest cave of India. It has some impressive stalagmites and stalactites and contains one of the finest river passages of the world. The highlight of this cave is a chamber named after Princess Diana with awesome limestone rock formations.
10. Balpakram Forest, Meghalaya – Where departed souls are said to restThe Balpakram National Park or forest is located in the southern part of Meghlaya. Home to the local Garo tribe, local legend has it that this is where the souls of the departed go to rest. An environmentalist's delight, the green gorges are abundant with wildlife, such as wild water buffaloes, red pandas and various species of wildcats.