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Cafe Cherrapunjee

We drove from Guwahati to Cherrapunjee and had already booked our stay at Café Cherrapunjee a couple of days ago. We drove for a couple of hours to reach Sohra, the historical name of Cherrapunjee, and driving through the Sohra-Shella road, I saw a beautiful scene - stone-walled cottages with strikingly green coloured roofs and just as I was about to whisk my phone out to click a picture, we took a turn towards the cottages!
Mohit Juneja
On our way to Cherrapunji we halted at Café Cherrapunji set amidst the ancient pine trees it was a perfect stop for refreshment. Much to our surprise as we entered the café, newspaper cuttings of UFO sighting around 1960 stating,'UFO once landed here', was hanging on the wall adding more to the mystery of the place. The place also offers accommodation and whole list of activities Ziplining, Scuba diving, Snorkelling, River Rafting, Beach Rural tourism, homestay, trek to strangler fig tree, Bon Fire and Trekking etc.
This was the third time i stayed here at the luxury tents of Cafe Cherra. Its located between Shilling and Sohra. They have amazingly helpful staff, great food and super comfy and cozy tents and rooms. The fireplace in the lobby takes you back to the colonial times and listening to amazing stories about Meghalaya from the likes of Mr. Lyngdoh is like the icing on the cake! Highly recommended.