David Scott Trail rock Bridge 1/undefined by Tripoto

David Scott Trail rock Bridge

Harsh Singh
My cab driver told me the stories about sacred groves in and around Mawphlang, warning me not to take anything back from the forest, lest I wanted the local deities to rain fury on me. I assured him that I am not visiting the sacred grove, and whenever I will, I would ensure to take the precautions as suggested by him. He seemed satisfied as he dropped me off. I bought some supplies from a local store and stood there waiting for Lakshay, an engineering student I met at Shillong dormitory a couple of days back. He had a habit of misplacing things, and I had already devised a plan in case he himself got misplaced somehow. At around 10 in the morning, we started into the lush green paradise. It will be best if I take you through this trail with the help of pictures I captured along the way, because words are not sufficient to describe the serenity of this trail.