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Mawphlang Sacred Grove

Pratyusha Sen
On the east Khasi hills, we found a treasure of a place. The moment our car drove through the gates of this area, we were dumbfounded by its beauty. The unending green stretch of lands and dark patch of forest in the middle of it was a view that got stuck in my mind forever. Walk into the magical forest of Mawphlang with a guide and listen to its age old mystical tales.
About the Mawphlang Sacred Forest : The sacred Forest of Mawphlang is located 25 kms from Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. The forest is tucked away in the Khasi hills, and is one of the deepest forests, I have ever encountered. More 800 years old, Mawphlang Forest is the oldest and the largest sacred forest existing for the Khasi tribals. The name of the forest translates to Maw- which means stone and so Mawphlang which means grassy stone.
Adete Dahiya
In the afternoon, head to Mawphlang to see the state's revered groves. The beautiful forest area is perfect for spending an afternoon and you can interact with the locals for a wholesome experience. The tribals here believe that the Mawphlang forest is inhabited by divine beings who protect it.
Sandy N Vyjay
Mawphlang Sacred Forest