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Mawsmai Caves- Limestone fomrations as if you are in Jurrasic Park era..
Places Nearby: Mawsamai Caves, Seven Sisters Falls, Nohkalkai Falls, Mawlynlong Village and Living Root Bridges to name a few.
Solo Backpacker
# Gallivant at Police BazaarHead to Police Bazaar, a lively market area where you can shop for locally made bamboo and cane handicrafts. If you are willing to experiment, there are a number of street food stalls here.Your trip is incomplete if you do not try out the local cuisine at Trattoria restaurant at Police Bazaar. Traditional Khasi dishes are served here, do sample Jadoh (rice and pork) and Jhur-Kleh (mixed vegetables).
Rupa Majumder
Sai Charan
Next day, we were late for obvious reasons :P We started around 8 to Mausmai Caves, which was suggested by the locals to definitely visit. The caves were so small in the beginning and later rain added a dramatic feel to the huge openings inside.