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Neeti Chopra
There's something about being surrounded by pristine nature that whets your appetite. Stopping at Mylliem, we walked into a ja and sha stall by the roadside, which literally translates to rice and tea stall.As soon as we sat down, heaped plates of food were set before us. There are no menus at ja and sha stalls. As Kong Kharbangkar described the dishes and ladled more food on to our already brimming plates, we dug in heartily. There was fluffy white rice paired with doh thad sniang (smoked pork), jhur sdieh (aloo and beans sabzi), jhur khleh (salad) and a spot of tungtap (dry fish chutney). The flavours of the dishes were nothing like we'd tasted before.The plain rice paired with the juicy and crispy doh thad sniang which had a smoky aftertaste along with the spicy dry fish chutney and the comforting jhur sdieh was a riot of flavours in the mouth. The traditional Khasi salad comprising of tomatoes and mint leaves with a drizzle of honey on top, lent the meal a tinge of freshness.Mission accomplished