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Abhinash Agrawal
This place comes on the way to Pynursla from Shilong. Gives such a picturesque view of the road and stream. we reached this place at around 4 p.m. and after clicking some shots here, departed for Pynursla. We reached there at around 6 p.m. Had a cup of tea. At 8, dinner and then retired for the day.
Krem Stu is located about Pynursla is one of Meghalaya beautiful attractions. It’s the best place for a holiday to those who are seeking a quiet time in a rural setting. At about 4.75 Km from Pynursla on the road to Dawki, a footpath on the right leads to a spacious valley where a river sinks in the limestone at the bottom of an approximately 30 to 40m high sandstone cliff is a delightful little wave of 1921m of surveyed length. The cave could be entered through a 10m drop or through a crawl through a collapse to reach a confusion of 5m boulders with several possible climbs to a wide but flat riverbed which runs into a large rift passage which continues horizontally. A succession of drops leads into a south westerly waterfall series which terminates in several wide but low and finally mud and sand filled sumps. A crawl through the lower gives access to the upstream Eurasian tunnel which runs into the terminal Stal Chamber in the far north east. This entire exploration takes about 3 hours to complete.Day 3– Trekking – Cliff Jumping at Dawki.