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Neeti Chopra
Shnongpdeng's seclusion and exquisite beauty held sway over our hearts from the start. The emerald waters of the Umngot River had a strange subterranean glow emanating from within, giving it a mystical look. The river water is so clear that boats seemingly glide on air. Water rippled around our feet dipped into the cool current and fishes danced around in the sunlit water below.
Preeya Darshini
6 AM and Raju was already waiting for us at the reception. We checked out of the hotel and started our journey to the ‘Scotland of the East.Our first stop was Mawlynnong village – was awarded the cleanest village in Asia in 2003 and Ruchi could not wait to get there. In the last decade, though the village has got commercialized, one would love how clean the village is. You would not find a single piece of garbage on the roads.One can also stay in the village if they have time. There are Homestays which can be taken on rent while you are in the village or can even book on Airbnb.
Neeti Chopra
DAY 3The hangover of both rum and Poets of the Fall hung heavy over our heads the next morning but our cab driver Uttam Bhai knew just what would perk us up. The strains of soft Bihu music filled the car as we drove towards Elephant falls which lay 12kms away from Shillong.The name Elephant falls was coined by the British, changing it from its original name Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew in local khasi meaning ‘three steps waterfall’. A signboard informed us that the English name came about due to an elephant shaped rock near one of the three falls. The poor rock shaped elephant has since disintegrated after an earthquake but the name stuck.
Marsha Das
All the mystical views of river and hills and wooden boats that you see on google are captured here! Also you can do all those cool activities that you wanted to tick off your bucket list for so long – kayaking, snorkeling,cliff jumping,zip lining. You can experience these here at unbelievably low prices, with full safety and complete guidance.None of us was willing to leave this place, we had such amazing time.We had lunch late at 3pm and drove back to Cherrapunjee.