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Rachita Saxena
How to Reach Tyrna VillageIf you know how to drive a scooty, then you can easily rent a scooty for 600 - 700 INR per day and reach Tyrna Village in 3-4 hours.For people who don't know how to ride a scooty, cabs and buses are the best option. You can take a bus to Cherrapunjee and then get a shared taxi/cab to Tyrna Village from here.
Here comes breathtaking Rainbow waterfall.. White gushing waterfall with backdrop of huge mountain clashes with sun rays, part of it transforms into mesmerizing ???? rainbow, falling into crystal blue lagoon..It's peace, tranquility..
Aditya Samadhiya
DAY 7Sohra – Tyrna (Starting point) – Trek to Double Decker Root Bridge – Rainbow Falls – NongriatAround 6 AM, I woke up and saw it was raining outside. Can’t tell you how hopeless I felt in that moment! I was in no mood to pay a hefty sum for another day in Sohra. So I decided to leave. In just 15 mins, I packed my bags and went to keep it at the reception as it was too heavy for me to carry. But the receptionist said, “No, I can’t keep your bag.” I was shocked to hear that! I couldn’t sink in the fact that I will have to carry my bag 3500 steps down to Double Decker Bridge and then back up till Tyrna Village. I gave it a thought and then reminded myself that nothing in this world can break my determination. Yes, it was going to be a tough task but I knew I could do it.
Abhinash Agrawal
It costed around 500 for the stay @tyrna. And then we started our journey towards famous double decker. Though we were not much excited about the double decker, we were much interested in the journey which became an extremely tired one due to the peak sunlight. I am sharing below some photos which we have taken during the double decker journey.
Abhinash Agrawal