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Lauren Fritsky
Roppongi, a district in Tokyo, is famous for its nightlife and restaurants. Being a rich district, it is also known for the architectural designs of its luxury complexes like Roppongi Hills. Roppongi has also made its name for becoming somewhat of a cultural hub with the development of the 'Art Triangle of Roppongi' comprising of 3 art museums - Suntory Museum of Art, National Art Center and the Mori Art Museum. This makes it quite an attraction for tourists. Moreover, the shops, restaurants, bars etc., are quite foreigner friendly. But, the luxury and nightlife culture is also accompanied by a seedy underbelly; Roppongi also has a notorious reputation of being a red light district. I’d looked up a Ramen (this is not the stuff you ate in college. Well, it sort of is, but it has a lot more stuff in it) restaurant in Roppongi but, due to navigational ineptitude, I couldn’t find it. Lost near the red light district of Roppongi one night, what we did find was a really sweet dental hygienist and her coworker closing up their office for the night who walked us 15 minutes to another Ramen restaurant. The woman then proceeded to give us her phone number in case we got lost again and needed help. I told you, the Japanese are awesome!