Morjim Beach 1/5 by Tripoto

Morjim Beach

Himakshi Joshi
Morjim BeachThis is one of the last quite beaches of North Goa. The Northern part is more used by the Visitors as a beach heaven compared to the southern part, which is a bit more empty. Morjim is an important nesting place for the endangered Olive Ridley Turtels and so I guess for that reason the government decided to use only a part of the Morjim beach for Tourists. Yet, Morjim is not only famous for its wild life but also for the fact of being called “the little Russia”. Soon enough you will realise that there are more Signboards written in Russian then in English and even some of the locals seem to have picked up the language. The Morjim village became famous over the past 6 years, thanks to the Russians and I got to know the Russians now believe that they have finally found a place where they have their own countrymen as neighbours.
Then we headed to Morjim Beach one of a very low-key – almost deserted beach in North Goa. It is a great place to spot a large variety of birds and Olive Ridley Turtles, hillocks and good food. Morjim is also known as mini-Russia due to large concentration of Russian immigrants and considered to be one of the top 10 beaches in Goa. There are not much of night parties here so it is advisable to go in late afternoon and spend the evening there enjoying the Sunset, beach and chilled beer and then go to some other beach and enjoy the night parties. So we did the same we had a great evening in Morjim and then left for Baga Beach and went to St. Anthony’s Shack one of my favourite Shacks in Goa, it has karaoke, Sheesha and some good music and it bustles with energy all the time. *Renting a Car in Monsoon cost between Rs.1200 to Rs.1500 a Day*Chapora Fort is Around 24 Kms from Panjim*Morjim is located 29 km north of Panjim*St. Anthonys Shack is almost end of Baga Beach next to Brittos Shack Day 3
Abhishek Raj Chaudhary
We went to morjim beach around 6am. It was beautiful. The beach is full of shells. Thousands of shells comes with every wave and goes back with the same... Be careful if you find a shell there... Don't just grab it. It's a house of an insect which will bite you to protect his house ;) ... Peaceful environment. Less crowded. Have your fun. Wait for the sunset. Prices are very cheap at these shacks.
Smaranika Das
Backed by the palm trees on one side , the soft and dazzling white sand beach is the perfect choice for those who want to recline and relax in the lap of nature. The waves is not violent and is ideal for swimming and sun bathing. Some of the popular activites include biking on the beach sand, dophine watching other water sports.