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Forest Block

Arnab Sarkar
It was around 5am. I came to the balcony. The Sun was already on duty however The Moon can still be seen. Suleman, our caretaker brought tea for us. I sat on the balcony. The dancing river suru, the songs of the birds, the aroma of the forests made it a place which words can't explain. I can spend an entire day sitting there. I came back to the real world with the bells of the adjacent school. At the same time, our Driver also came. Our destination today is Drang Drung Glacier. As per local policy, another vehicle will take us there. Our driver made all the arrangements. He started putting our camera and other equipment in the car. I was not feeling like getting ready too early but no option. So time to get going. But before that, Suleman showed us the bunkers typically used during the war. It was first time, I have seen any bunker. It is like an apartment below ground level. During Kargil war, the local people had to spend several days in those bunkers.