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Dilwara Jain Temples

One of the architectural wonders of the world, the Dilwara Jain Temples is sometimes considered architecturally superior than the Taj Mahal also. These temples are surrounded by lush green hills and look like nothing extra ordinary from the outside. As you enter the temples, you find human skills displayed at its best. The temples were built during the 11th to 13th century during which time there was no road transport to transport the marble blocks till this height. It is known that the task was done by elephants. The ornamental carvings in the walls, ceilings and pillars of the temple are marvelous. The creativity of artisans even so long ago can leave any one in awe. There are 5 main temples inside that are dedicated to a tirthankara each. These are the Sri Mahavir Swami Temple. Sri Adinath or Vimal Vashi Temple, Shri Parshvanath Temple, Shri Rishabhdaoji or Peethalhar Temple, Shri neminath Ji or Lunaashahi Temple.
Swati Jain
Dilwara Temple: The Jain Dilwara temple complex is located 2.5 km from the Mount Abu town centre. It is a major sacred pilgrimage site for Jains worldwide and is Mount Abu's most popular attraction. The temple complex is set in beautiful surroundings of mango trees and wooded hills - a walk around the complex is worth it. The Dilwara temple predates the town of Mount Abu by several centuries and was built when this site was just a remote mountain area. The complex contains five Jain temples which are known worldwide for their superb marble carvings. Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi temples are the most famous among the five Jain Dilwara temples. It is believed that the artisans were paid according to the amount of dust they collected, encouraging them to carve ever more intricately P.S. : I have no photograph of Dilwara Temple as the photography is not allowed here ????
Shubham Shrivastava
Dilwara Temple:Dilwara Jain temples are considered to be among the best specimens of architectural perfection in the country.
Jaiveer Yadav
1. Dilwara TemplesThe Dilwara Temples are located about 2½ kilometres from the central market area of Mount Abu. These Jain temples were built by Vimal Shah and designed by Vastupal-Tejpal, Jain laymen. The world famous temples are almost 1000 year old.
Varsha Suresh
And last on the list and the most exciting part of the whole trip was the Dilwara Temple Complex. Five Jain temples in one compound, they do not look like much from the outside. But the work of art inside on marble is extraoridinary. There is no entry ticket to the place and cell phones need to be deposited before entering the premisis. The temple themselves take tourists in groups and explain the history behind the place. (Guides are NOT allowed insdie). The marble work and architecture inside is one of a kind and definitely something everyone must see once in their life. Many of the works inside are carved out of one large marble stone and look unreal.
Sakshi Sharma
we went to Dilwara temple,most beautiful Jain temple.