Wat Rong Khun White Temple Mueang Chiang Rai Chiang Rai Thailand

Neyha Jain
Chiang Rai: Ah, the baby bro of CM (tour by Journey travels). Our first halt was a Hot spring spot which truly is fume-y and unsafe considering the way people were boiling raw eggs. Next, the crowned White Temple is an absolute pleasure to be at. Always full with tourists, this is a one of a kind Wat due to its color and backdrop. The one way bridge (from hell to heaven), the white allure, the buddha under the tree, the gong, the Golden toilet, all of it are just one great spectacle. The architect of the Wat is believed to have dreamt about it all before bringing it to life (you can find more at museum near the temple). The visit to the Karen village of long necked females feels like another guilt trip. All for posterity; the tribals actually sell factory produce. The females in this tribe are supposed to wear 3kg+ neckpieces as a part of their traditions and today it is only a source of income for them.Take in the feel mate! Final stop - Golden Triangle! My favourite. It is actually an islet which is between 3 countries but owned by neither. At the jetty border of Thai stands an enormous and impressive golden big Buddha. The boat will take you round the Mekong, the other 2 countries- Laos and Myanmar have casinos at their borders. Now, some tours include a touch down at Donsao island of Laos which has a market for knock off items and the infamous snake whiskey. Also available are ginseng (veg :P), turtle, scorpion and gecko whiskey, Eww!