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Ölüdeniz Mahallesi

Abhishek Dey
In the morning the bus was again near my hotel to pick me up and this time I was praying that this too does not get canceled like the hot air balloon. The pickup bus picked everyone on the way and took me to their head office near the beach again. We waited there for some time when at last the main bus came to take up along with our respective pilots. Within the bus we had picked up chits with the name of our respective pilots, for me it was 'HIKO'. We could not jump from the top of the mountain since it was a bit windy but from another lower point but even that didn't reduce the experience I believe. The beautiful blue water and amazing artistic landscape looked such fascinating that you won't feel like getting down.
Abhishek Dey
We freshened up quickly had some snacks in the hotel and headed off to the beach. Our plan was to hit the sea so we took our towels and clothes and drove to the beach. The beach was one of the amazing ones I have ever seen in terms of the picturesque, quality and color of the water and of course cleanliness and at the same time liveliness of the beach. We swam in the blue clean water quite a long time and relaxed on the beautiful beach. In the meantime, I saw para-gliders hovering over the beach. Swimming is of course relaxing but flying any day gives more sense of freedom. So I immediately booked my next day morning to fly over the turquoise blue sea from the Gravity Paragliding Head office situated on the beach itself.
Aditi Chaudhary
Third stop for the day was the Lycian rock tombs. It gets very hot as you climb up the hill so carry enough water, hat and wear sturdy and comfortable shoes. He explained us that many tombs were destroyed by grave robbers and the king’s tomb has little decoration on the top. He even explained us that agriculture is the first occupation in Fethiye and then comes tourism. They grow tomatoes’, olives and pine honey. More than 60 percent of tomatoes’ comes from Kas and Fethiye in Turkey. It was interesting to know that 4-5 generations live together and care for each other. Women were respected a lot during the Lycian time and men were known by their Mother’s name.He even told us that Mosques in Turkey are mostly blue or green. Blue represents the sky and green represents earth. We were amazed to know that all the houses in Fethiye are solar powered. There is a small juice shop once you descend and it’s very refreshing for 5 TL. You can also shop for some handmade jewelry which is available right outside the juice shop. It’s moderately priced and they have a very pretty collection of bracelets.