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September - May
Families, Couples
4 out of 52 attractions in Munnar

Mattupetty Dam

It is located from 13kms from Munnar, it has rich tea plantations and the Shola forests close to Mattupetty are great for trekking the Mattupetty dam and the lake are beautiful spots to relax.
Shikha Khare
We had visited Rajamalai to see the Nilgiri Tahrs,Mattupetty where we enjoyed boating and in the morning boating in the beautiful place it just amazing.After enjoying boating we went the Echo-point, the highest point (1700m) in Munnar, on the Munnar-Kodaikanal road.
Samarpita Chowdhury
Waking up to the morning light and being greeted by a chilly breeze, we "The Roadtrippers" were all ready to explore places. So we had our quick breakfast served by the hotel staffs and began our journey to find an escape in Munnar.The Mattuppetty dam is one of the most beautiful dam/lake I have even seen till now and it's huge. The ripples of blue water of the lake created by the dam will soothe your eyes and you can find thickly forested Western Ghats hills surrounding the lake. It was peaceful and statue still, a feast for the eyes. You will be lost in the beauty of the place and can click lots of pictures. We also enjoyed the boat rides on the lake along with some drizzle as we were blessed with a cloudy weather. You can also get to see plenty of shacks selling souvenirs, jewelleries and tea and can enjoy your own happy shopping time. Oh yes! Please do not forget to bring home the home made delicious chocolates and spices which you can get anywhere from the market.
Backpack with Radhika
4. MATTUPETTY -It is situated in the town of Munnar. This place is famous for green tea plantations and rolling grasslands. Mattupetty dam, Kundala lake, dairy farm are places to visit at Mattupetty. Trekking and Bird watching is famously done here. Beef dishes, biryani,appams, chicken dishes are famous bites.