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Mambukal Mountain Resort

It was drizzling when we arrived at the jump-off of the 7th falls. I thought the falls was just nearby but we trekked for nearly 15 minutes crossing shallow rivers and streams before reaching the falls. Thanks to the gorgeous flowers along the way for mending my earlier frustration. I have a great love for flowers and even the drizzle can’t hold me from capturing this beauty. The 7th falls was said to be the highest among the Mambukal waterfalls but according to my guide, there are other falls upstream and the 12th being the grandest but requires about 3-4 hours trek. Wow! something to look forward to on my next visit. The trail in between falls is pretty much established. There are areas of pure rocky path and some of cemented steps carved on huge rocks. Railings are in place to keep visitors safe. In as much as I wanted to chase all seven falls, the landslide between the 3rd and 4th waterfalls prevented me from seeing the 4th one. Well, there’s always a next time. The flower loving me was induced by the plants offered by the locals. Since a full-grown plant is impossible to bring along, they gave me instead sprouts of 5 variants which should bloom. I thought that was all for Mambukal but on my way towards the exit, the echoing bats above resonated a farewell chant. I was amazed of its number and size, indeed another beauty unexpected.