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Hell's Gate National Park

Riyanka Roy
Hike through the gorge and witness the amazing works of nature at Hell's Gate National Park.
Day 7: Hells Gate National ParkTake a tour to the Hells Gate National Park. This can be arranged by any of the hotel or resort owners where you are staying. The best part about this National Park is that you can explore the place on two feet or two wheelers. You can actually go for biking through the park and get close to the wildlife. The landscape is amazing with rocky escarpment and the view of zebras, warthogs and antelopes running along nearby.
The Trunk Travellers
Day 6: Naivasha > Hell’s Gate National Park > NaivashaHell’s Gate is the only national park in the world which permits cycling and walking amidst the wild animals. While there are no predatory animals in the park, it is an absolute treat cycling with the zebras, giraffes and warthogs. You could see an occasional wild buffalo as well and might want to cycle a little faster then.