Kenya: Dream road trip

23rd Sep 2014
Photo of Kenya: Dream road trip 1/1 by Kritika Parwal
road trip map

So after an year long renunciation a.k.a. B-school and a few pensive posts later,  the chic is back to what she does best… travelling and trotting. :)

My intent is to come up with some kickass road trip plans, culture breaks and mentally stimulating sojourns around our pretty waify globe. I would keep the series simple, do-able itineraries with just table salt sprinkling of google maps and three simple ratings… add your condiments as you prefer and hola back to me for any help!

The first in the series of the dream plans… an equatorial twirl in the Kenyan heartland!

Do-O-meter rating: 8/10 (The only tiff beings mosquitoes and deceptives.)

Dough in the pocket rating (from India): 10/10 (This means inexpensive!)

Visa hassle rating: 9/10 (Very easy to obtain, just to clear the air.)

Begins in Nairobi ~ some pretty funky Kenyan museums and culture evenings in downtown.
Head to Masai Mara ~ catch some gory action and serengeti (pun acknowledged!) of a lifetime in the world famous wildlife park, stroll over to the Serengeti side of the park and venture into Tanzania (keep your passport on you).
Do stay overnight in the park, sheer joy waking up to a leopard snuggling up to the glass wall of your four post chamber. :)
Move to Nanyuki ~ now this is THE MOMENT. Stay in Sweet water resort and get the quintessential travelista snap at the zero degree shovel. What more joy to life?!
explore some brilliant Kenyan bead art trade shows, shop!