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Lake Nakuru National Park

Neha Kirpal
Early the next morning, we left for a day-long safari to the Lake Nakuru National Park. After reaching the gate, you have to wait for some time as all the formalities of getting a ticket and vehicle need to be completed first. As soon as we entered, we were able to spot the early morning prey of a lionness’ kill—the carcass of a slain zebra, right at the entrance! The blood was still fresh and the insides of the zebra’s stomach had been completely devoured by the lion.
Apsara Chidambaram
From Sweetwaters, we drove to Lake Nakuru to see the Pink Flamingos. This stop should really depend on the migratory pattern of the Flamingos. Before planning a trip here, check with the Lake Nakuru resort on the exact status of the Flamingos. Else skip this stop entirely, and fly from Sweetwaters into Masai Mara.