Sodwana Bay

Combining a love of the ocean with the chance to conserve its fragile ecosystems is an incredibly rewarding opportunity for scuba divers with a green heart. Sodwana Bay is home to 50 kilometre of underwater habitat that constitutes one of the world’s most southerly tropical reef systems. In 2000, the bay became internationally known after divers rediscovered the prehistoric coelacanth in the depths of the park’s Jesser Canyon, but it is for the incredible biodiversity of the area’s shallower reefs that most divers fl ock there. Volunteer with non-profi ts like the Oceanic Society and Pod Volunteer, from identifying whale sharks to monitoring manta rays and turtles, to reef surveys, there’s loads of ways you can be helpful.ADDED BENEFIT If you are a beginner, you will be given your PADI Open Water training during your f rst week. Qualifi ed Open Water divers can complete a PADI Advanced Open Water course, or depending on the length of your stay, choose from a range of dive speciality courses (eg Deep Diver, Nitrox, Peak Performance Buoyancy, etc) or the Rescue Diver course.