Kruger National Park 1/3 by Tripoto
1 out of 20 attractions in Nelspruit

Kruger National Park

Sakshi & Deejay
Kruger National Park turned out to be better than expected. Spending so much time in the african bush, triggered in us this love for nature buried somewhere deep down within us. If you get an opportunity, we strongly recommend experiencing animal safaris anywhere accessible to you, doesn't matter where you are in the world.Kruger National Park, vlog 1
Karan Vohra
The best safari experience I ever had. Kruger national Park is the main sanctuary in South Africa having various types of animals, bird species, flora and fauna and many more. Everyday in Kruger we had to safari for 2 times so that we could watch as many as species of animals possible during our stay. We saw the famously known ' Big five' which included the five most dangerous animals on foot i.e. lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhino. The best of the whole safari experience was to witness a herd of lions eating their buffalo prey and also loved the changing of colors in Kruger.