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Roopal Patel
After Istanbul, next place in Turkey I explored was a land which seems to be a fantasy: Cappadocia!!! Its fairy chimneys are unique to Turkey. What a sight to watch the lunarscape panoramas with the geological oddity of honeycombed hills, spectacular & surrealist landscape of rock caves, capped pinnacles and fretted ravines in colours ranging from warm tones of red and gold to cool tones of green and grey & towering boulders of otherworldly beauty.
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Witnessing the sunrise from 3,500 feet above the ground level was surreal...A Full HD video on our Hot Air Balloon Ride experience in Cappadocia... One of the best places in the World to experience Hot Air Balloon... Hope you enjoy watching the video!!!Click here to read about our Hot Air Balloon Ride ExperienceFew tips for balloon ride:1. There’s really no need to splurge on higher-priced Balloon Companies. Also, the prices on the companies’ websites are much higher than you’ll get it directly. So, book your rides on arrival and directly at their office. Do bargain for better rate; you can get it for as low as 70 EUR depending upon season. There are numerous balloon companies in the Goreme market area.2. Do not worry about the brand name of the Balloon Company, as all of them are approved by Aviation Department with regards to the safety standards. They have professional pilots, and usually they fly in the same area.3. As you start very early in the morning, the climate could be cold even in summers, so carry a jacket or stole.4. Preferably, book a basket where only maximum 2 peoples are accommodated in one cabin.
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The main reason for us to visit Cappadocia was to experience the Hot Air Balloon Ride. And why not, going high-up in the air with magnificent backdrop literally takes one’s breath away.Though we both were keen for the ride the next morning, Rasu was altogether more excited as that was the only skyline escapade that she could do being afraid of other high-adrenaline adventure sports like paragliding, skydiving, etc.
A direct night bus runs from Antalya to the mystical Goreme (Cappadocia) and you can book your tickets in advance from the Metro Turizm website.
Day 1: The hostel owner helped in arranging the cab at 4AM from kayseri that 60KM from Goreme, cappadocia. AFter taking rest for sometime, rented a bike and started to explore goreme ,specially rose valley, museum, castle. This was really beautiful as riding around the beautiful city of goreme is really nice with lots of different rock formations. Food was really good, as it was end of the season time there was less crowd at goreme. Very good place to just walk around and explore the place Day 2: This day was mainly about the Green tour that started around 9:30 am and drop will be at 5:30 PM. This tour included going to an underground city very different place and different rock formation places. This is a must do tour. Day 3: This was a day i was more excited about as i did the amazing hot air ballon ride . The view of goreme city from Hot air ballon was really beautiful . The best part was that there will 100s of hot air balloon that adds to the beauty.