Dhawal Pagay
The Adana kebap is a must if you are a meat enthusiast or a food enthusiast in general. Its ingredients comprise essentially of lamb meat, which after thorough cleansing and resting in the marinate is kneaded with red peppers. Mounted on skewers after being grilled in a charcoal furnace, the Adana Kebap is served with Pita Bread ('Lavas'), grilled onions and tomatoes. Special mentions go to the restaurant 'Kebapzaade' and 'Sedef' both of which are in Capadoccia. The Chicken Skewers follow suit a similar process of preparation, the only difference being the meat that is used. Just hop into any local restaurant order yourself a 'Tahvuk Cis' and accompany that with an 'Ayran', a perfect mix to get rid of the blues.