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Suhas G
The first stop was Goreme Open air museum to which i walked from my hostel for about 30 minutes. I spent a few hours there and then headed to Uchisar Castle via Bus from Goreme Otogar
Travel Tales
Later, we would visit - Goreme Open Air Museum. This is perhaps the most popular non-hot-air balloon attraction in Cappadocia. Upon entering and buying your 20TL ticket (be sure to hold on to it as it allows you to enter the Buckle Church halfway up the hill outside the main entrance to the museum) you will see the Museum Shop. As you progress through the Goreme open air museum moving from one cave church to the next the details become more like a vegetable soup in your head so that by the time you leave, you have memories of seeing a bunch of fascinating paintings in random caves.
At this park, you can take a tour of caves inside the chimneys and learn about the rich history that is depicted all throughout. Here, you will also find craft shops which are ideal to take back gifts and mementoes.