Dhaula Kuan Metro Station

Pulkit Prashant
FRIDAY NIGHT 11PM - THE BUS NEVER ARRIVEDwe were supposed to catch our bus, at dhaula kuan metro station (booked on paytm) at 11pm , we waited and waited and it was 12:30 am already, we tried contacting the bus driver, the conductor, we must have done more than 20 calls to the travel agencies, paytm customer care (they all sucked) , i was very upset because i wanted us to go by car or train but because of boys we decided to go by bus, i could see their face of regret during that situation, in that moment we decided to wait till 1 am and go back to our flat and leave for pushkar again the next night, but manoj walked down the road started talking to conductors of other buses passing by on the same route, finally a bus came , hoping to get a full refund as suggested by paytm customer care we finally boarded that bus around 12:40am which was supposed to pass through pushkar.in our original bus we had 3 sleepers booked , but as that bus never arrived , in this bus we got 2 sleepers and a reclining seat, as the sleeper was in back of the bus without wasting any time, we sat there , rolled a joint in the moving bus !! , man that feeling was amazing, got high, earphones in , and a difficult but good journey and sleep got us to pushkar.