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Hauz Khas Village

This restaurant in the village of the famous Hauz Khas has become popular since the time Delhi faced a sharp water crisis. When the tourist footfall started decreasing, the restaurant started pulling people back. As you reach the alley, it will be difficult for you to believe that such an awesome restaurant can be placed in a dingy lane. The lane has graffiti filled walls on both the sides and then you enter the beautiful two storey restaurant with an equally fantastic décor. The two things remarkable are the customer service on weekdays and the presentation of the food. The cutlery and utensils are incredibly stylish and the food is lip smacking too. They have a selected menu of drinks and food but all are tried and tested. Apart from just eating, you can also organize a formal meeting here with two laptops on a table along with the food. Yes! The space is just so cool. As the evening starts turning into a dark night, the party goers find their way in.
While the main street of the Hauz Khas Village is an amalgam of pubs, cafes, and designer labels, its rear is donned in gorgeous graffiti walls. The juxtaposition of capitalist ventures in the main lanes alongside the democratic expression of art in the by-lanes is truly a wonder to witness.
Saloni Goyal
Hauz khaasA place popular clubs - and a party hub of Delhi.
Saloni Goyal
HKV From AIIMS we headed over to HKV to get out all our chunk of DJ night.Stay :-
Nikhil Aggarwal
2) Hauz Khas Village A place that has immense amount of cafe's and clubs lined up. You can go here anytime and you would enjoy equally. You will find couples, parties everywhere. For people who just want a talk can go the Fort or the garden near by .
Avinash Singh
3. Deer Park - Adjacent to the Hauj Khas Complex, there is a zoo like environment for Deers and water birds like ducks. There is a lake full of green surroundings. Further there is a jogging area and tracks are present for the fitness freaks. A combination of monument and greenery makes this a loved spot for different kind of photo-shoots. Nearest Metro Station - Green Park Metro.
Avinash Singh
2. Hauz Khas Complex - It is the most happening place in terms of night life and pubs and clubs. Being the posh area the prices are high. Hauz Khas, South Delhi houses a water tank, an Islamic seminary, a mosque, a tomb and pavilions built around an urbanized village with medieval history traced to the 13th century of Delhi Sultanate reign. Nearest Metro Station - Green Park Metro. Read more here.
Hauz Khas Village has become the hub of everything cool in the city— restaurants, pubs, and newage designers with a distinct artistic expression. Must-stop here is Indian Popular Art that sells old Bollywood posters.
Hauz Khas Village - a village which has become one of the hot-spots of South Delhi. A village which retains its ethnic village charm, co-existing with pubs, loud music, drugs and hyper active hormones. I have recently started liking my visits to HKV ( as it's known ). I have a few favourite places to hang out on a nice, sunny winter afternoon to relax and catch up. I have visited HKV with friends and with my children and each time the experience has been different. Everyone who comes to Delhi, or is from Delhi will visit HKV, and here are a few tips I have learnt along my visits thereSoak in the character - it's a quaint experience to walk down the alleyways and narrow lanes. I, for one, am fascinated by haveli's, well's, and narrow paths leading somewhere unknown. Take time to soak in the character of the place, read the tombstones and find your own paths.Reach early to enjoy the village -Reaching early also helps you get parking easily, which as anyone who has been to HKV, can vouch for is a nightmare on weekends from late lunch time onward. Avoid the weekend nights - while we all have our moments of madness, where we want to be the wild party animals, Hauz Khas Village loses its charm for me in the night. An absolute nightmare to park, crowded lanes, waiting to be seated and a nightmare to exit, I would avoid it in the nights. Of course, it would be make for pleasant early summer evenings, though the traffic would be enough to put me off.Take the kids - my kids enjoyed walking though the village, and exploring the ruins. However, avoid taking the kids on Valentine's day or the day before Valentine's day. The village is known for couples high on hormones and drugs and it was a little tough to explain certain things to the kids.Food and drinks aplenty - all the known joints have a branch at the village. Food and alcohol is reasonable to suit all pockets. My personal favourites - Social Chhat ( terrace) for winter afternoon's - overlooking the reservoir, complete with cots, it's the perfect place for the winter afternoon with friends or family. Yes, it's a kid friendly place too. Nirula's ice cream parlour is right next to it - perfect for that hot chocolate fudge. And of course, Starbucks - make it a take away, walk down to the ruins and enjoy your cuppa in peace ... not bad, I say !!!!!!So go ahead, go down and enjoy a bit of the Old Delhi charm in the heart of South Delhi. 
Aditya Sen
Hauz Khas: The words ‘Hauz' means “water tank” (or lake) and ‘Khas' is “royal” that gives the name “Royal tank”. The large water tank or reservoir was first built by Alauddin Khilji ‘s reign (1296–1316) to supply water to the newly built fort and city of Siri (the second city of Delhi). It was originally known as Hauz-i-Alai after Khilji. Firoz Shah Tughlaq (1351–88) re–excavated the silted tank and cleared the clogged inlet channels. Several buildings like Mosque , madrasa and tombs were built overlooking the tank . Firoz Shah's tomb pivots the L–shaped building complex which overlooks the tank.
Tanvi S
So we went hopping to this place in late evening on the eve of Holi night and ofcourse India vs zimbabwe cricket match! The vibrant vibe of this place and a street full of happening places, you just get confused on where to go? We hopped on to many places in single night like Moonshine, Levels, Out of the Box, Raasta, Socials etc. and when we got a dance floor at Get High, the police came in and stopped the party by 12am!! Still, we loved hopping the places!
Shubhangi Misra
The Hauz Khas Village is the urban market and probably the most 'happening' places of Delhi, as described by youngsters. With its antique shops, cool cafes, restaurants and bars, it is a must visit for all the art lovers and people who want to spend some leisurely time with freinds.
Shubhangi Misra
Hauz Khas Fort is the most sought after place for youngsters and couples in the capital city. The fort is now the ruins of a water tank, tombs and a madrasa built during the reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq. It is still an architectural marvel and attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year.
mridu sharma
Where youngsters throng!
Coraline Joveneaux
Hauz Khas Village: an architectural and historical complex in South Delhi where there are several constructions such as madrasas, mosques and tombs. In this complex you can also find many bars, restaurants, night clubs, Indian art exhibition, etc. (the best of "where to eat" Naivedyam Restaurant).
Riyanka Roy
Sheetal Goel
Aruneet Anand
Chic, urbane and serene.. Favorite hangout in Delhi
Kirti Gupta
Sunset at Hauz Khas village By the time I finished my lunch it was 4 in the evening and so I asked my friend if he was in for going to the Hauz Khas fort and thankfully he got ready . Hauz Khas fort along with its peaceful lake view sometimes makes it hard to believe that this place is in Delhi, where there is always so much hustle and bustle. So as we reached there I grabbed on to my favorite spot in the fort , from where you can see the whole lake and enjoyed the sunset with a nice drink. The lake with old trees growing out of it, along with the deer park in the background and the historical setting of the fort like always made it a perfect sunset view.
Harleen Kalsi
Naivedyam, Hauz khas Village! It is a herculean task to find a personal, intimate and cheap restaurant in Delhi, especially in South Delhi. Naivedyam is a South-Indian restaurant with fantastic interiors and finger-licking food. Overshadowed by other more happening aka expensive joints, this place is perfect for a relaxed evening dinner.
Himanshu Verma
Its culture coming together with its age old histories makes Delhi one of the most dynamic cities in the world. So a walk around Hauz Khas Village explores the old in the new of Delhi, that too with the most scenic backdrop of the Madrasa by the lakeside. The walk includes a tour of the 13th century monuments and reservoir along with the 21st century market place, art galleries and curio stores. Mode of Commuting: Walk Meeting Point: Parking, Hauz Khas Village Timings: Customized