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2:00 PM – 8:00 PM
9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Eat, meet and party Do try out the continental platters for breakfasts.
September - May
Friends, Couples
27 out of 370 attractions in New Delhi

Hauz Khas Village

This restaurant in the village of the famous Hauz Khas has become popular since the time Delhi faced a sharp water crisis. When the tourist footfall started decreasing, the restaurant started pulling people back. As you reach the alley, it will be difficult for you to believe that such an awesome restaurant can be placed in a dingy lane. The lane has graffiti filled walls on both the sides and then you enter the beautiful two storey restaurant with an equally fantastic décor. The two things remarkable are the customer service on weekdays and the presentation of the food. The cutlery and utensils are incredibly stylish and the food is lip smacking too. They have a selected menu of drinks and food but all are tried and tested. Apart from just eating, you can also organize a formal meeting here with two laptops on a table along with the food. Yes! The space is just so cool. As the evening starts turning into a dark night, the party goers find their way in.
Baidehi Ghosh
4. Soak in the nightlife at Hauz Khas - Hauz Khas is the perfect place for unwinding. Pick any pubs or cafes to relax in. Their menus too, very helpfully, suggest the perfect dish to pair with your drink. With good music and limitless seating, one can get a taste of the Delhi nightlife! Some places worth trying out are the Hauz Khas Social, Maquina, and Yes Minister.
Shivani Rawat
वैसे तो यह जगह अब काफी बदनाम हो चुकी है पर एक सर्द दोपहरी को हौज़ खाज़ फोर्ट में जाकर झील को देखने में जो सुकून मिलता है उसका कोई मुक़ाबला नहीं। मैं आपको हौज़ खाज़ सोशल की आउटडोर में बैठकर बातें और चाय का मज़ा लेने की भी सिफारिश करूँगी। इस सबके बाद खूबसूरत डीयर पार्क का एक चक्कर मारकर आप अपनी सारी कैलोरीज़ भी ख़त्म कर सकते हो। यहाँ आपको कॉलेज के बच्चों से लेकर बड़े बूढ़ों तक सभी मिल जाएंगे धूप सकते हुए।
If you are a party geek/pubber/clubber then this is the place for you. You can have best clubs/pubs at Hauz khas village (if you are looking for a visit get ready to fill your wallet :P ). There are many restaurants/bistros/pubs/bars at this places, pick your poison according to your taste and proceed. Plan your late night dinner and drinks at hauz khas village and end your visit with a great note.HAPPY TRAVELLING...HAPPY EXPLORING !!Frequent Searches Leading To This Page:-A day trip in delhi, 1 day itinerary of delhi, Explore delhi in 1 day, Delhi Sightseeing Itinerary, old delhi tour itinerary
Husein Haveliwala
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