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IGI Airport Terminal-3

Jyoti Thakral
I was bit nervous but excited too and this deadly combination of nervousness and excitement lead to the gladdest day of my life.Boarded a brand new flight from Delhi to Bangkok. Flying at 37,000 ft. above, holding a glass of wine and watching a rainbow so close out of the window is something that I never imagined. This was the moment which surely everybody would want to cherish. I was lost in clouds when suddenly I heard someone's singing and it was none other than my daughter.. She was singing 'satnam ji shri waheguru waheguru ji', looking at the sardars sitting in our front row. People on the plane were so amazed to see such a small child singing so beautifully. She turned out to be more fun-loving and entertaining than we thought.
Took Vistara flight from Delhi to Mumbai,experience of flight was amazing I will suggest you all to prefer Vistara than Indigo or Jet Airways, as hospitality of Vistara was amazing + meal was included in fare as compared to Indigo though fare was same at that time of both flight + You able to enjoy T3 terminal as mostly Vistara fly flew from T3. Landed at Mumbai near 8 p.m. , took ola to my relative place (Dombivli).
Siddhant Jain
(Blog 1 in my series of blogs - Delhi Delight)In India, IITs and IITians are highly regarded. Getting accepted as an intern at IIT Delhi was undoubtedly a big achievement for an engineer - in - making like me. Obviously I was excited to work at one of the most premier institutes of the country. But I had a "hidden agenda" in my mind, the thought of which excited me even more.Seated in the middle seat of an early morning flight from Bangalore, my hometown to Delhi, I struggled to get a glimpse of the dense cotton field-like clouds. The man who sat next to me, on the window seat was asleep. "What a waste of a precious seat!", I thought, as I tried to click a picture of the heavens below. "They are just condensed water vapors, nothing heavenly about them", the engineering mind of mine said to my artistic mind.
Anyways, amidst all the hue & cry ,we reached the airport ,super excited & super charged up .We collected our boarding passes and straightway did our photo session .