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JLN Stadium

Akshit Aggarwal
When rains come look for a rainbow. When there’s dark look for stars. This is exactly what the organizers of the first edition of ‘The Lil Flea’ in Delhi were hoping for on Sunday after the first 2 days of the fest were washed away due to rains. In an attempt to shower an early doze of happiness, the gates were open at 11 am and the events were re-scheduled in accordance with the entire day at their hand to entertain the crowd.The Lil Flea, a festival of shopping, booze, food and music, entertainment, and possibly the happiest of its kind hailing from the very own Amchi Mumbai! Made its debut in the capital this weekend from 22nd-24th September. With good vibes all around, a well-stocked bar, cosy sit outs, little tents, fairy lampshades hanging on a tree and the picturesque backdrop of JLN Stadium this fest was nothing short of a land full of happy souls who were here to enjoy the vibrant environment, pop shops from around the country with unique and innovative items forcing you to shop your heart out, pleasant music and some cold BIRA to compliment the upbeat ambience.