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Rajpath Area

Manoj D Kashyap
With a new day, began a new life! I started as early as 5:30 by metro from Noida to Rajiv chowk. I had some personal work at Nyaya Marg by the time I finished, it was around 11 in the noon. Soon I boarded an auto and left to Rajpath. The place where the Parliament of India, Rashtrapati bhavan and the India gate all three fall! Rashtrapati bhavan is the residence of the president of the republic of India. It is a colossal architecture and built entirely of red stone and brick. Over the building, flies proudly the tricolor! The parliament falls next to Rashtrapati bhavan. I couldn't capture the full structure because of dense greenery around and strict vigilance and restrictions around the Parliament. It is also a humongous circular stone structure which represents the Ashoka chakra! This is all built in white stone and marble. Next along the Rajpath road is India gate. Every parade on 26th January (Republic day of India) is held on Rajpath road and towards India gate! Along the Rajpath, on that day, the seats will be arranged in the lawn! And people can watch the parade and spend time in the park! There are inscriptions on every stone of India gate. Also at the centre, burns the eternal fire in the name of Amar Jawan (Immortal army) dedicated to those deceased in war! I still had some time of the day left. So I decided to visit Qutub minar. From central secretariat metro station, which is not even 500 mtrs away from Rashtrapati bhavan, I left to Rajiv chowk. There is no metro running towards qutub minar directly from Rajiv chowk. So I boarded on a metro bound to new Delhi metro station. Then from new Delhi metro to Qutub minar metro station. All this takes around 45min. You can have a look at the metro map in any metro station to have an idea of how to reach the destination. One more thing, having a metro card (smart card) helps travelling cheap and fast! I would recommend it for tourists.