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Terminal 3

Akash Arora
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Anshul Ghiloria
This trip from Delhi to Kerala was long awaited. This was the second time I went to see oceans. Endless blue waters of Kerala are a sight to sour eyes. Mumbai was a fascinating place, but Kerala offers one long awaited peace and quite, with greenery that can take all pains away. The state is not backward; most of the areas are well maintained and proper facilities of commuting is available. And with all this, the development has not forced it to lose its charm.We boarded the Air India flight on Children's day at around 8 P.M. through Terminal 3, Indira Gandhi International Airport. The 2.5-3 hours flight was comfortable, but sadly, the food was not as good. We landed at Trivendrum, and reached our hotel, Sun and Sea view resort at 12 A.M. Every eating place at the hour was close. Our information that Air India keeps serving food and refreshments throughout the flight, was simply obsolete. So, if you plan to reach late night, do not count on night time deliveries in a non-metro city. The hotel seemed fine and we had no view from the balcony as it was pitch black outside.