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Devansh Dhar
Arrowtown and GlenorchyWoke up to clouds covering the sky and decided it was time to leave Wanaka and headed over to the small cute historic mining town called Arrowtown, which happens to be the first place of Chinese settlement in the land of Kiwis. There are 4 hikes in Arrowtown. The autumn colours mixed with snow covered dry plants resembled a scene whose surrealism would even make Luis Bunuel stir up in his grave. I took a walk through the white frozen forest and I thought that I was walking through the gates of heaven and just where the forest will end, Jesus Christ will forward to receive me. But alas! The place where the forest ended was a place of human settlement. It was such an intense and powerful experience to have walked that forest in the snow. Mind numbing and soul liberating!
1. Buckingham Street: Here you can relax, do chit chat and have coffee. There are intriguing cafes, restaurants and shops which are all local. The street is divided in to the two parts- on left side there is Ramshaw Lane along which arrow river flows. And on the right side of Buckingham Street is the Arrow lane. Unwind Café & Bar, Provisions , Arrowtown Bakery & café are some of the famous cafes. Patagonia Chocolates is a must visit shop awarded for its best ice-creams, decadent deserts and locally roasted coffee which you won’t soon forget.
7.Warm clothes : Please check the temperature abefore travelling to New Zealand. Temperature will vary in North Island and South Island, latter being more colder. Also Night temperature varies from day temperature. So don't forget to carry warm clothes with you.
A short (and cheap) bus ride away from Queenstown is an absolute darling of a settlement called Arrowtown. There are buses every hour each way, and the road, like most of suburban NZ, is spattered with stunning landscapes and sheep farms. Sheep are everywhere in NZ. Four times as much as humans, to be precise! Once you've had your fill of the Chinese settlement, hitch a bus back and head off for your adventure activities. Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world - you can bungee jump, skydive, go kayaking, take a jet boat into the canyon. Most places offer a free pick up and drop if you book in advance, so no transport hassles! If adrenaline is not your thing, book a wine tour to one of the famous vineyards of the Otago wine regions - they are famous for their crisp Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs.