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Karthic Ss
The city of Dunedin will be my home away from home for the next year. Penguins, Sea Lions and the odd Leopard Seal- all within city limits make it the Wildlife Capital of New Zealand.One of the perks of living in a New Zealand city especially in Dunedin is the quick access to remotely wild spaces. A short 15 minute drive can put you on a walk on a secluded beach almost with NO sign of human activity.This is about one such walk- down to the beach where you might glimpse of the rare Yellow-eyed Penguin or a massive Sea Lion. Take in the sunshine, chill out with a picnic and realise there's just one large ocean between you and Antarctica.And yep.. there are Pyramids on the way!Victory Beach Walk
Devansh Dhar
DunedinRough weather in the morning too so the dreams of a scenic sunrise at the Nugget Point stays as a relinquished dream. I headed over to Dunedin for exploring a bit of the east coast. The weather looked better while driving down the scenic country side roads. I reached Tunnel beach under overcast cloudy conditions, but the silver lining was it wasn't raining. Took my tripod and headed through the tunnels to get some nice long exposure shots. But nothing too dramatic could be caught on the lens. Headed over to the town for walking on Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world. Damn, that took a toll on my entire body! The next stop for the evening was the famous Moeraki Boulders, a famous spot for all travellers and locals too. Long beach, beautiful scenery and in the midst of the ocean, those boulders. Had quite a beautiful sunset and explored the full abilities of my camera.
6. Tablet / small size laptop : Each day in new zealand will give you the chance to click million of pics. Suggest you to carry tablet or laptop with good memory storage to transfer your pictures data every day.
Chris Allbritton
And the South Island is veddy, veddy British in many ways. Especially in the far south. Dunedin is a nice little university town with excellent coffee and a good music scene. The University of Otago give the whole town a youthful buzz. It’s the kind of place where you go to the bandshell on the weekends in the botanical gardens and listen to the local brass band resolutely huff and puff their way through Sousa and Dion alike while the sun shines down and you feel the grass between your toes.
Terry Gardner
Dunedin is a great little town for wildlife watching along with a tour of Speight's Brewery. We stayed by the ocean in St. Clair.